3 Casual, Clutter-Free Decorating Tips For Open Cabinetry

When it comes to storage solutions, open cabinetry may not be the first thing that comes to mind. And when you do finally think about it, you probably envision shelves crowded with stuffy knick-knacks collecting dust.

We’re here to change your mind.

Open cabinetry can be both beautiful and functional, and offers storage solutions that can actual cut down on the clutter. Here are three decorating tips for casual, clutter-free open cabinetry.

Keeping It Clean

4-24-18 RTA2-Heather Grey ShakerTo avoid an overly crowded look, group like items with simple lines, and then add a few ornate decorative touches. For example, line up a series of hardcover books, and mix in fun finds, like vintage bookends or handmade pottery. Be sure to leave some blank spaces to keep things light and airy.

If you have a well-loved collection that you want to display, break things up by grouping a few pieces on each shelf, and staggering their placement. When choosing and placing items on shelves, consider symmetry, scale, and a consistent color palette for a cleaner result.

Considering Function

While the kitchen and the living are both major hubs of the home, they serve different purposes. You wouldn’t want to display your grandmother’s good China in the room where the family gathers to watch television, just as you wouldn’t want to keep the TV remote and family photos in the place where you serve up breakfast, lunch and dinner. Here are some suggestions:

  • Add glass front doors to kitchen cabinets to create a safe place for showcasing and storing pretty stemware and fine dishes, and to help minimize the dust. Leave mismatched mugs and other unsightly items hidden behind closed doors.
  • When it comes to bookshelves, keep classic literature and best sellers in the living room, and cookbooks in the kitchen, where they logically belong.
  • In the living room, layer like-items on open shelving for visual interest — for example, overlapping picture frames with black and white photos in horizontal and vertical orientations, or creating a vignette of flower vases or antique cameras in varying shapes and sizes.
  • When looking for unique items to display, select décor that reflects your area’s history, topography or major industry, or your cultural heritage, and put it on display for a personal touch.
  • Keep things fresh and fun by changing out elements with the seasons, and special holidays.

4-24-18 RTA3-Glazed Toffee

Making A Case For Baskets

When it comes to smart storage solutions for open cabinetry, baskets top the list. Consider adding baskets to TV room cabinetry shelves for gathering loose remote controls, and for storing magazines that would normally clutter your coffee table. Keeping these items out of the way, yet accessible, helps to control the clutter. The same holds true in the kitchen, where baskets can be used for holding the incoming mail and other important papers that tends to pile up on countertops.

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