3 Easy DIY Plumbing Repairs

Hiring help can be expensive, and unnecessary since many of the home fixes you’ll encounter can be done yourself. Plumbing is no exception! Despite the perception that plumbing projects should be left to an expert, there are actually many repairs you can conquer alone with a little know-how.

#1. Replacing A Toilet

You can get rid of your current toilet and install a new one in just a few steps. Before you get started, shut off the water supply, flush out all the water, and remove all nuts and caps. Then you’ll remove the toilet by disconnecting the supply tube, and easing the toilet forward and backwards until it comes off the flange. Cover the drain with a towel to prevent gas leakage while you clean up and get rid of any leftover wax. Once the area is prepped to install your new toilet, put the new bolts in the flange using wax seal. Then you’re going to put in the tank seal and attach the tank to the bowl. Secure the tank by tightening its bolts, and then place the toilet onto the wax seal. After everything is good to go, you can attach the supply tube and fill your toilet up with water.

#2. Unblocking A Sink

When your kitchen or bathroom sink backs up, your first move is probably to try a liquid clog remover or a snake. Both of these products can be helpful in clearing minor blocks, but sometimes the issue is deeper and you’ll need to dismantle your sink. Do not fear! This takes just a few minutes and can definitely be a DIY plumbing repair. All you’ll need is a bucket and an old toothbrush. Simply place the bucket under your sink so that any leaking water will be caught. Undo the basin trap and shake out any hair or debris that has been trapped. Using a toothbrush and water, clean out the trap and then replace. Voila — blockage destroyed!

#3. Unblocking A Toilet

If your toilet isn’t flushing properly, or you notice water rises to the brim of the bowl, it is likely that the drain or trap is blocked. You could call a plumber, or you could unblock it yourself! All you need is a snake and some gumption. The first step is to use your plunger to release any excess water and prep for the snake. Then holding the grip of the snake, pull out some of the cable and tighten the screw. Place the tool into the toilet and spin the handle so that it locks onto the blockage. Move around a bit to completely remove the clog, then remove your snake and flush the toilet to see how it functions.
Now that you know a few easy plumbing repairs you can do yourself, we bet you’re ready to tackle even more! Let us know which other types of DIY home fixes you’d like to learn about!