3 Tips And Tricks For Organizing A Kid’s Closet

There are lots of clever solutions for a small closet, but the typical fixes for grown-up messes don’t always work for little ones. If piles of toys, mismatched shoes, and heaps of clothing tumble out every time you open the doors to your child’s bedroom closet, it may be time to rethink your current system. Here are a few of our favorite tips and tricks for organizing a kid’s closet to help get you started.

Clothes for kids on hangersPlan a place for everything — including toys.

Chances are, your child’s closet is home to more than just their wardrobe. If you want to store toys neatly behind closed doors, take advantage of the space above and below. The upper shelves of custom cabinets are the ideal place for stacking board games and puzzles, as well as keeping those items with small parts out of reach without the help of an adult. If your closet has floor space, add a toy box or bins to keep stuffed animals and favorite toys accessible and easy to clean up after a fun day of play.

Double up to maximize space.

That spacious walk-in closet with custom cabinets in your master bedroom is at least twice as large as the storage space in your child’s bedroom. Thankfully, your child’s wardrobe is also much smaller in size. Little dresses and sweatshirts take up a lot less room in every direction. When redesigning the closet in your child’s bedroom, consider adding double hang rods to maximize the square footage you have, with shirts on top and bottoms below on kid-sized hangers. If siblings are sharing a closet, Better Homes and Gardens suggests tying color-coded ribbons to hangers for each child, or split your closet in half with shelves and drawers in the middle.

Different girl's shoes on a wooden backgroundThink outside the box to keep things tidy.

Additions like drawer stacks and shelves can help make the most of your child’s bedroom closet and can even streamline your school-day routine. Just imagine never having to search for a missing gym sneaker or favorite pair of leggings again. Custom cabinets can include adjustable shelves for storing dress shoes, play shoes, and boots in tidy rows, while drawer stacks are an easy way to organize socks, tights, and even pajamas. We recommend adding kid-friendly cabinet door pulls for an extra touch of fun that will motivate kids to keep their closets clean.

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