4 Clever Closet Organization Tips

Closets can be organized in a lot of different ways, but the best ones feature custom storage solutions. Designing a custom closet system can help you maximize your available square footage and create a more functional space, and there are many organizers and add-ons available to choose from, based on your unique wants and needs. With that said, here are some clever closet organization tips to consider.

1.Find solutions when sharing your storage space.
When sharing a closet with a partner or spouse, it’s best to divide the space so that each person has their own designated area. Be realistic, and really look at which person has a larger wardrobe and more items to store. If someone needs more space than the other, it may take more planning than simply picking a side. When you shop for a custom closet at TheRTAStore, you will have the option of working with an expert designer to help determine the best storage solutions for your individual needs.

9-18-20 RTA2-Take Inventory Of Your Wardrobe2. Take inventory of your wardrobe.
Your wardrobe should determine the height and placement of your hanging rods, as well as a need for shelves, drawers, and accessories like belt and tie racks, sliding hooks, valet rods, hampers, and shoe storage. It’s a good idea to make a list of must-haves, and designate a place for each item while going through the design process. For example, if you wear a lot of dresses or suit jackets, you would need more full-height hanging units than double hung, and if you prefer to fold pants and sweaters, open or closed shelving would also be a necessity.

Donation box with clothes on table in the room3. Decide what stays and what goes.
It’s a good idea to go through your wardrobe items each season in order to streamline your space. Sort through what you actually wear and what is just taking up valuable storage room. Anything that is in good condition but doesn’t fit or is no longer your style should be donated. Anything that is torn or well worn should be repaired, discarded, or repurposed into a rag for DIY projects. There is no need to waste space with something that you won’t be using.

4. Sort by seasons and categories.
Organizing a closet by seasons makes it easy to find weather-appropriate wardrobe items. If your closet is short on square footage, use fabric boxes, drawers and other closet system features to maximize space when swapping out the seasons. Once you separate short-sleeves from long sleeves, and sandals from boots, separate your items further into categories, such as by color or every day vs. special occasion. It may take a little time upfront when organizing this way, but it will be worth the effort when your daily “getting ready” routine is simplified and much quicker!


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