Family Gathered Around Thanksgiving Table

4 Tips For Hosting A Stress-Free Thanksgiving

Maybe this is your first time hosting the Thanksgiving feast, or maybe you’ve cooked many holiday dinners in your kitchen over the years. Either way, here are some tried and tips that will help you make this Thanksgiving the best and least stressful one yet! 


Thanksgiving DinnerKeep Things Simple

With Thanksgiving just days away, it’s time to tear yourself away from Pinterest and that pile of cookbooks spread out on the kitchen island, and seriously start planning your meal. While that Oyster Stuffing or Tandoori Turkey sounds amazing, now is not the time to try a zillion new recipes. Keep things simple and virtually stress-free with traditional favorites that will please every palate. Choose dishes that are delicious and easy to prepare, and do as much prep work as possible a day or two in advance of the big day.


Be Thankful For Help

When you offer to host Thanksgiving, you are opening your home to friends and family. But that does not mean you have to do all the cooking all by yourself. If someone wants to bring something to the table, why not let them? You could even suggest a potluck holiday this year! As the host, you should provide the main dish, and on “Turkey Day” that can only mean one thing. When purchasing the bird for a large party, figure on at least one and ½ pounds per person. Then ask your guests to bring appetizers, side dishes, or desserts. You’ll be surprised how happy your guests will be to help contribute a small part of the feast!


There’s No Place Like Home

Remember that your guests will be traveling to your home to enjoy a meal together, which includes spending time with you! You can’t enjoy the holiday when you are rushing here and there, darting in and out of the kitchen, and trying to make everything perfect with a fancy sit down meal. Impressing family and friends should not be your priority. Instead, make sure everyone is comfortable and well fed with a casual buffet set up on a large kitchen island. Most up-to-date kitchen designs feature a kitchen island, and there is no better place to set up a buffet-style holiday meal at home.


Gather Around The Table

Thanksgiving Table SettingSome homes have kitchen designs that can accommodate a large table, while other homes feature a dining room for hosting holiday dinners. Regardless of your set up, a truly stress-free holiday meal is not just about the food. Setting up and clearing the table can take away from the time you have with your guests. Be sure to set the table the night before so there is one less thing to worry about when guests arrive. If you have a deep kitchen sink, neatly stack the dishes inside after the meal to clean later, and place the silverware inside a bowl to soak in soapy water. Or Better yet, use festive, heavy-duty paper plates on decorative chargers or placemats for a fast, stress-free clean up. No that’s something to be thankful for!


Have a happy and stress-free Thanksgiving from The RTA Store!



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