5 Kitchen Organization Tips

Spring has sprung, and for many of us, this time is focused on refreshing and reorganizing our homes! We open the windows wide, let the fresh air in, and get down to business!

The kitchen is often the heartbeat of the home. What a better way to make your favorite room in the house more functional than by organizing it!

Here are some tips to help you feel more organized in your kitchen:

1.) Keep your counters free of clutter. Less is more, and no matter how much room you have on your counters, keeping the amount of items stored on these surfaces should be kept to a minimum.

2.) Utilize drawer organizers. Drawers are usually the first thing to get messy, as they can be easily concealed and hidden away. The dreaded “junk drawer” usually finds its home in a kitchen. Using drawer organizers really help maximize your space, and keep everything in its place for less of a struggle when trying to find what you need. Visit TheRTAStore.com to shop a variety of drawer organizers. You will be sure to find one that fits your needs!

3.) Prioritize what you use most. When organizing any space, things you use daily should be moved towards the front or at eye level for easy access. This will surely make life easier. Items used less frequently can be stored towards the back of your cabinets, or higher up out of reach to free up space for more frequently used items.

4.) If you do not use it, toss it! Make it a point to audit your kitchen and get rid of unused, damaged, or expired items. Chances are, if you have not used it in the past 6 months to a year, you probably won’t use it again.

5.) Storage can double as décor! If you want your kitchen to be functional AND stylish, consider storage solutions that make you feel good. This will give you even more motivation to keep your space organized. Uniform storage helps keep things looking clean and tidy. Consider glass canisters, spice jars, and containers for food storage, with uniform labels. This will surely create a more harmonious flow in your kitchen!

Cut the stress out of the day to day by getting your kitchen re organized and revitalized! Looking to give your kitchen a complete overhaul? Our design specialists can assist you with that! They will take you from step A to Z and help you design the kitchen of your dreams, which is both fabulous AND functional!