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5 Smart And Stylish Laundry Room Design Tips

Most of us don’t exactly get good feelings when we think of our laundry room. Is your laundry room dull and dreary? Or is it small and cluttered? You may have looked admiringly at the laundry rooms in TV commercials or magazines and wondered what it would be like to actually enjoy the space in which you wash and dry clothes. No need to wonder! With these laundry room design tips and The RTA Store’s selection of laundry room cabinets, you can stop wondering and start shopping.


1. Create a laundry room that complements your workflow.


Brilliant White Shaker - The RTA StoreFor optimal functionality, design your laundry room to complement your workflow. What that means will differ from home to home — but, it essentially asks you, “What steps do you take to clean clothes?” and then encourages you to create a laundry room with those tasks in mind.


One example is a fold down ironing board for touching up items fresh from the dryer. Simply remove, iron and hang! Another might be a large set of cabinets to accommodate multiple baskets for sorting dirty clothes. This is great if you have kids! While some laundry room design tips only apply to certain households, the key here is functionality, and finding ways to simplify the task of getting clothes from the hamper to the closet.


2. Get the right measurements for your washer and dryer.


It’s all too common. Homeowners purchase a washer and dryer much too big for their laundry room because they take the wrong measurements. When measuring for these appliances, it’s important to take into account the room needed to load and unload, as well. A good rule of thumb is three to four feet of space in front of your washer and dryer.


Also consider the type of appliance. For example, there are front-loading units and stacked units. Consider the space of the room and your personal preferences before purchasing these appliances. This way, you can ensure they fit comfortably in your laundry room, and that you can easily access them.


3. When it comes to laundry room cabinets, don’t just look up.


Did you know that propping your dryer a foot or so off the floor actually makes it easier to load and unload clothing? The same goes for front-loading washers. Why not lift these appliances up and install some floor cabinets underneath?


This is one of the best space saving laundry room design tips, because it not only offers you more storage for dryer sheets and other odds and ends, but it also makes doing laundry easier!


Espresso Bean - The RTA Store4. Find room for a sink.


If you’ve been hand washing your delicates in the kitchen sink or bathtub, this smart addition will be life changing. A laundry room sink provides much more ease for cleaning those items you really don’t want to risk in the washer. Bathing suits, lace, button-down shirts, and your favorite black dress will all last longer and look better if you hand wash and hang dry. Take the sweat and tears out of keeping those items almost new by installing a sink in your laundry room (a fold-down drying rack is #goals too).


5. Countertops aren’t just for the kitchen.


A countertop in your laundry room provides space for folding clothes — and a surface for some much needed décor as well. Plan to install your countertop above front-loading appliances, and extend off to the side to create the perfect section for base cabinets. If you’re not sure how to incorporate these laundry room design tips into your home, check out The RTA Store’s free tool, which will provide you with everything you need to create a functional and fabulous laundry room right now.  


At The RTA Store, we are more than just kitchen cabinets! We help make your dream laundry room a reality with RTA (Ready To Assemble) and Pre-assembled laundry room cabinetry with the same (if not better) quality you would find at any retail store but for a fraction of the price. Stop by our website or give us a call to learn more about our products today!