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5 Stylish Home Bar Design Tips For Autumn Entertaining

Autumn undeniably starts a season surrounded by family, friends, and endless entertaining. Having guests becomes the norm, and you’re as appreciative as ever to have a home that can accommodate a crowd. One addition in particular that can really improve your hosting capabilities is a home bar. This designated area keeps the party out of your kitchen triangle, and makes it much easier for guests to serve themselves. Learn some of our favorite home bar design tips for entertaining friends and family this season.


1. A mini-fridge makes entertaining much more realistic.


Running back and forth between your home bar and kitchen can be exhausting. Installing a mini-fridge in your home bar design allows you stock those essentials — and keep them cool! Look for a style that will complement the finish of your cabinetry (for example, would a stainless steel or black fridge fit best?) and one that is the same size as your base cabinets. This way your mini fridge will blend seamlessly with your design rather than be an eyesore.

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2. Leave room for a wine cooler.


Today’s home bar design options offer so much opportunity for customization. One popular feature to include is a wine cooler, which provides space for storing and chilling your favorite vino. Imagine pouring your guests a full-bodied merlot at your next holiday party. Not only will they be impressed by the taste, but also your home bar design!


3.  Install a television nearby.


Autumn is primetime for football and basketball games, so it doesn’t hurt to have a TV close by. Your guests will love that they are able to watch their team play (even if it’s not on the main screen) and enjoy a cocktail. If you like the idea of having a TV by your bar all year long, then keep that in mind when shopping for your cabinetry.


4. Don’t leave out the lighting.


When setting up your home bar, it’s important to make lighting a priority. As most parties start or linger into the evening hours, you’ll want to make sure the area is easy to navigate and that you are highlighting those top features. Countertops and cabinetry should all be properly illuminated, so both you and your guests have no problem locating exactly what glass or drink you’re looking for.

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5. Make your bar more than just a bar.


In the same way a television can add fun and excitement to your home bar, think of other ways you can optimize the space for entertaining. A pool table may be out of the question, but how about a side table where people can snack and chat? Or a dartboard that helps new friends break the ice? By adding some little extras to the area around your home bar, this space can transform into a room of its own – even if there are no walls dividing it!



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