5 Tips for Making the Most of Your Galley Kitchen

Feeling cramped in your galley kitchen? Well unless you plan on selling your home, let’s quit the fussin’ and make the most of what you have. To help you find some breathing room, we’ve listed a few effective tips for maximizing space in your galley kitchen.

Tip #1: Pull-out Storage.

No matter what kind of kitchen you have, pull-out storage is always the first step in making the most of your kitchen space. Tiered shelves for spices, roll-out baskets in the base of the pantry, pull-out waste baskets, and built-in storage racks for plates and bake ware are all great ways to begin maximizing your cabinet and counter space. For diagonal corner cabinets, a lazy susan is a great way to provide easy access to items that may be hard to reach.

Determining the right pull-out storage for your kitchen isn’t always easy, but TheRTAStore.com makes space-saving a breeze. In addition to being America’s cabinet specialist, TheRTAStore.com offers a huge range of kitchen storage solutions, from inside cabinet accessories and organizers to pull out pantries. 

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Tip #2: Use Cabinet Organizers. 

Forget the knife block and go with an in-cabinet knife block tray instead. Rather than using a spinning rack for spices, you can save counter space when you use a door mounted spice rack for the pantry.

And while pots and pans have a way of eating up precious cabinet space, you can fit twice as many pots and pans with a cookware organizer. The main idea here is to keep those counters as bare as possible and balance capacity with accessibility in your cabinets.

Tip #3: Install a Wine Rack Cabinet.

Instead of displaying your favorite wines on the counter or a shelf, try installing a wine rack cabinet in your kitchen. Wine rack cabinets are incredibly versatile, as you can display one vertically or horizontally, and they make an elegant addition to any kitchen.

Tip #4: Use an Appliance Lift.

I know you’re wondering what this is all about, and in about 20 seconds you’ll understand why it’s absolute genius. With a galley kitchen, there’s only so much you can do about counter space, but by installing an appliance lift inside a cabinet or beneath the counter, you can actually expand your counter space without gutting the entire kitchen. See? I told you it was genius.

Tip #5: Go with a Kitchen Cart.

It’s another extension of your countertops, only mobile. By bookending your counters with a kitchen cart , you’ll have a slew of new places for utensils, appliances, plates, towels, and anything else that might suit your fancy.

If you have any questions, comments, or tips you’d like to share on maximizing space in a galley kitchen, feel free to post in the provided space below- we’d love to hear from you. Thanks for reading!