5 Ways To Boost A Basic Master Bathroom

A great master bath can be an awe-worthy element in the home. But if yours is lacking luster, it might feel more like an afterthought than anything awe-worthy! Change things up and give your basic master bathroom a boost with one of these show-stopping additions.

  1. Upgrade to a walk-in shower.

If your current shower feels like a blast from the past, consider upgrading to a walk-in shower. This style is typically enclosed in glass, so that the shower almost disappears into the room. Modern and majestic, tile can be installed from the floor to the ceiling and will be fully displayed as a functional piece of art. Add a second layer of wow by installing a bench, luxury rain showerhead, or recessed shelving.

  1. Install a tile or natural stone backsplash.

7-13-18 RTA2-Carolina Timber Grey 6_ x 24_ Ceramic Wood Look TileBreak up a monotone bathroom design with a beautiful tile or natural stone backsplash. A bathroom backsplash can be installed a few different ways.

Most traditionally, a backsplash will begin above the bathroom vanity and extend anywhere from a few inches to the top of the wall. For a more standout look, some homeowners choose to continue the traditional backsplash horizontally around the entirety of the room or cover the wall behind the vanity completely.

Some less conventional but equally as interesting backsplash ideas include creating columns on either side of the vanity mirror or bordering a bathroom window. Select a style that complements the size and design of the room.

  1. Break up your color scheme with a brand new vanity.

If your current color scheme is rather bland, a grey or dark wood finish could provide some much needed contrast. But if your bathroom leans towards dark and dreary, then bright white cabinets might do the trick. If you’re not sure which style will suit your bathroom best, schedule a free design consultation and let one of our professional designers help you every step of the way.

7-13-18 RTA3-Dark Chocolate Shaker

  1. Replace idle space with comfortable or functional décor.

You might feel like your master bath is “missing something” because you’ve yet to find a purpose for that lonely corner or empty wall. Make use of idle space while also boosting your bathroom’s aesthetics with a comfy accent chair or freestanding linen closet. Almost every room could use more seating or storage, so adding some functional décor to your master bath will be both practical and pleasing.

  1. Tech things to the next level.

There’s really no room off limits for a TV screen these days, so if watching the morning news while you get ready for the day is a dream of yours, don’t deny yourself any longer! Installing a TV in the bathroom is not as extreme as it sounds. Just look for a smaller, low-voltage model that is water-resistant and specifically designed for wet areas.

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