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6 Fun Decorating Tips For Above Kitchen Cabinets

Don’t let the top of your kitchen cabinets become wasted space. When decorating kitchen cabinets, the open area above your cabinetry can be a wonderful opportunity to add interesting details and décor. Showcase your own unique style with these fun decorating tips for above kitchen cabinets.

Woven Baskets

Basket Case

A tisket, a tasket, a place to display baskets! Whether you collect vintage Longaberger, handmade sweetgrass baskets, or you just have an affinity for trendy seagrass, willow, and rattan, the space above your kitchen cabinets is the ideal place for woven baskets.


Novel Nook

An open space above kitchen cabinets can be a recipe for success when you use it to house a collection of favorite cookbooks. An otherwise empty space can be a source of valuable, and practical storage, and will show off your love of cooking in a clever way.


Pretty Pottery

Polish PotteryFrom antique McCoy and Polish pottery, to contemporary craft show treasures, pottery can add a creative and colorful touch to your kitchen. The space above your kitchen cabinets is the perfect way to safely display beloved pieces of pottery up and out of the way.


Glass Menagerie

Whether you love vintage milk jugs, or fancy crystal vases are more your style, placing glass pieces above kitchen cabinets adds a touch of airiness to your space, and is more subtle than most items you would put on display.


Industrial Revolution

Industrial elements are hot right now, and can be a great addition when decorating kitchen cabinets. Opt for pieces made of antique brass, oil rubbed bronze, pewter, copper, and stainless or galvanized steel. Using a variety of mixed metals is also in style; so don’t worry about having to match your décor to your cabinet hardware.


C Is For Cookie

Is there anything more fun and nostalgic than a colorful collection of cookie jars? Scour flea markets, yard sales, ebay, and antique stores for unique vintage cookie jars (or kitschy teapots) to add some whimsy to the space above your kitchen cabinets.


Vintage Cookie JarWhen decorating kitchen cabinets up high, try to maintain balance for a visually pleasing display. You could incorporate a few of the above items for variety, but keep in mind that grouping like items or colors together instantly reads as a collection, and easily adds interest without being overly busy. Always leave a few empty spaces for the eye to rest, to avoid cluttering the space. Also, try to stick with items that fit the overall theme and style of your kitchen — for example, you would expect to see stoneware crocks, flowerpots, and canisters in a country kitchen versus a contemporary kitchen. Most of all, be creative and have fun!



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