7 Keys To Creating A Classic Coastal Kitchen

Creating a coastal kitchen is easy — and a theme that works whether you’re living on the water or not. Set sail with us as we share some nautical inspiration and a few minor renovation tips to help you create a classic coastal kitchen in your home.

# 1 Choose light colors.

From the paint on the walls to the flowers on your dining room table, stick with light colors that remind you of warm summer days. If you need help narrowing down your selection, simply steal your color scheme from a day at the beach. Think pale neutrals similar to sand, sea foam green, sky blue, aquamarine, and soft shades of yellow and coral pink suited for a sunset. If a bolder color is more your style, a punch of Navy blue looks amazing when paired with white accents. With any of these colors you will be able to create a cheerful and relaxing setting that will feel more like a summer at the shore than an average day at home.

# 2 Focus on white or neutral woodwork.

Ideally your woodwork (kitchen cabinets, tables and furniture, island or carts, etc.) would be a white or neutral shade. This clean base helps the room feel more open and airy, supporting the beach house inspiration for your kitchen. If new kitchen cabinets and furniture are on the horizon, go for cottage style selections in white. For those looking for a temporary fix, painting your current woodwork is also an option. Choose light or natural wood for floors to complete the look in tones of gray or brown.

# 3 Brighten up the space with good lighting.

Even if your kitchen doesn’t offer a lot of natural light, you can mimic the effect of a bright sunny day with the right bulbs and placement. Choose soft lighting that will illuminate the room without being too harsh. For a subtle but constant flow of light, install track lighting or recessed pot lights along ceilings. This will serve as your main lighting, and hanging fixtures can be used over the sink or anywhere else you need additional brightness. Pendant lights in linen, bronze or brushed nickel work well in a coastal kitchen.

# 4 Make small wall alterations to enhance your coastal kitchen theme.

A few minor wall alterations can really bring the coastal kitchen look together. Consider adding simple wainscoting or vertical boards to walls, or installing a colorful sea glass inspired tile backsplash.

# 5 Don’t hold back on décor.

7 Keys To Creating A Classic Coastal Kitchen
Since the base of a coastal kitchen can often be very minimalistic, it’s important to choose decorative pieces that can carry the theme. Indulging in décor that features seashells, sailboats and ocean life may seem a bit kitschy, but is actually very tasteful when done right. Be consistent in your accessory choices and keep the color scheme of your kitchen in mind when purchasing pieces. Layer tables with linen placemats or natural fiber runners, and choose window treatments that complete the coastal vibe, such as bamboo roman shades or plantation shutters. Rattan pieces also work well with coastal décor.

# 6 Build a portable bar.

It’s 5 o’clock somewhere, right? And what better way to make your kitchen feel like a tropical getaway than investing in a portable kitchen cart to function as a bar? Stock your station with colorful glasses, stirrers and fun napkins along with your favorite libations. You can even move it outdoors when the weather calls for it!

#7 Leave some unfinished touches.

7 Keys To Creating A Classic Coastal Kitchen
Showing a little wear and tear is actually complementary to a coastal kitchen, as it adds to the simple, laid back style. To achieve this key to creating a coastal kitchen, try placing an unfinished wood bench against a window, or distress painted furniture so that it looks weathered and beachy.
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