Caribbean Style Home: Get The Look In 4 Simple Steps

Are you wishing the summer would never end, and that you could spend your days relaxing in a beautiful home on the beach in the Caribbean? Well guess what? We’d like to be there with you! Since you love the Caribbean as much as we do, check out these four simple steps to help you get the look of a Caribbean style home.

1. Have Some Fun With Color!

If you’ve spent any time in the Caribbean you’ve noticed nothing there is bland. Everything from the food, to the clothes, and décor are always full of color!

Have Some Fun With Color!
When choosing paint colors for your walls look for bright blues, yellows, greens, or oranges. Don’t be afraid with choosing a color, because the brighter you go the better it will be! Feel free to mix and match the colors by painting one wall in one color and a second wall in another.

2. Mix It Up!

Since the Caribbean has been inhabited by so many different groups like the French, Dutch, English, African, and Spanish, there is a huge eclectic style that comes into play when choosing furniture pieces.
Look for furniture pieces that have more of a relaxed, lived-in sort of style with light airy distressed woods for tables and chairs.

3. Tile It Up!

Something you’ll see quite a bit in Caribbean styled homes is the use of tile flooring, as well as mosaic tiles on countertops, kitchen walls, and bathrooms. 

Caribbean Style Home: Get The Look In 4 Simple Steps
Why tile? There are many reasons tile is used, but the biggest reason is because it’s a tropical environment and tile provides easy maintenance.

Not a big fan of tile? No worries, with today’s technology you don’t have to go with a boring 12 x 12 beige tile.

Tile manufactures have really gotten creative when it comes to pattern, color, shape, texture and size. You can actually find a rectangular tile that is made to look like wood flooring. Add a colorful area rug on top and you’re good to go!

If you want to add some color in your kitchen, go for a beautiful and colorful mosaic tile backsplash and use a complementing color to add the finishing touch.

4. Don’t Forget To Accessorize!

Want to have some real fun? Accessorize! Start with the basics, and then add in the final details to really make your home feel like it’s in the Caribbean.

Enhance your walls by including some original artwork by Caribbean artists. Caribbean art pieces are usually very colorful and will really help to tie the look together.

Use vibrant throw pillows and blankets on your sofas and chairs. Include lots of colorful area rugs in kitchens, dining rooms, and living rooms.

Purchase a few house plants that would typically be found in the Caribbean and spread those out around your home. For dining, look for colorful plates, glasses, placemats, and napkins.
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