A rolling kitchen island can be a great space saver.

Choosing The Right Kitchen Island For Your New Kitchen

So you're super excited about having a new kitchen island — but you realize a kitchen island isn't just a kitchen island. You have multiple options for the layout, style, and materials of your island. 

For your layout, the standard kitchen island types include basic, L-shaped, U-shaped, and circular. One early decision to make with your island is how you want to balance cooking, dining, and entertainment. If you see your kitchen as primarily a cooking space, you will likely want to install a sink and cabinets that go all the way around instead of leaving space for bar stools. For dining and entertainment, you'll most likely want a larger island. While it could take any shape, the circular and U-shaped islands tend to be better for conversation because people sitting or standing around the island can see one another. In order to create a bit of separation between the cooking and dining counter space, you could raise the section of the counter that faces the dining stools and lower the section where you'll be cooking. If your kitchen is on the smaller or narrower side, a basic or L-shaped island will likely work best for you. A rolling island can also be a great space saver.

As far as colors, stains, and materials, you could go with the same as the rest of your kitchen cabinets and counters, but you might also consider using the kitchen island as a way to spice things up. The latter works best with a detached island like the basic or circular shape. We recommend choosing either a different stain/color or different countertop for just a slight variation. For example, you might continue your painted white cabinets but go with a wood block countertop.


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