2019 Bathroom Redesign Trends

Cost-Friendly Tips for a Refreshing Bathroom Design Going into the New Year

If we’re on point, and we usually are, 2019 will certainly be a year for new trends in bathroom design. To get you inspired with what’s ahead, we’re sharing fun and fresh ideas to give your bathroom an upgrade – without breaking the bank! Here’s what’s on tap for 2019 bathroom trends…

New Towel Sets and Mats

Colors that pop like candy… big floral prints… pinstripe mosaics… geometric designs that remind you of the past… and so much more! When you’re deciding on new towel and mat sets for your bathroom, you’ll want to go fun, fresh and big with the above ideas. The color on everyone’s minds? Blush pink. Other ideas include pistachio, strawberry and blueberry.

Bulb Color Temperatures

When it comes to bathroom lightings and bulb color temperatures for the new year, soft white vs. cool white vs. daylight is always a top consideration. For those unsure: soft white is 2700K-3000K, cool white 3500K – 4100K, and daylight 5000K-6500K. Always take into account the need for both ambient and task lighting. Ambient lighting provides overall illumination as its color temperature is usually bright enough to compensate for even the darkest décor. Fun for 2019 – drop lights that look like the moon.

Wall Color

Those fun ideas we gave you up there in the towel and mat section… well, wall color in 2019 will follow suit. Blush pink is the rising star, but there are so many fresh and fun trends out there that we think are just as cool:

  • Victorian-inspired themes with rich, dark walls, such as emerald and teal, will make everyone swoon
  • Channel vibes from the world’s grandest hotels and liven up your bathroom in dark, woodsy mahogany and grandeur
  • Invoke Zen feels with marble tiled walls in fresh mint, soft blush or vintage gray

Décor, Décor, Décor

So many things are happening in bathroom décor for 2019. Have you ever thought about putting a standing lamp in your bathroom? Well, think about it! Other top ideas for the new year include wall-mounted towel warmers, fuzzy ottomans that double as storage bins, industrial pipe wall candle holders, geometric-shaped pictures and mirrors, and plants… not one, not two, but lots of different sized plants.

Window Shades

Stripes, stripes, stripes – in big, bold ice cream flavored colors, like creamsicle, mint chip, cotton candy and more! And because window treatments complete a room, it’s important to set the bar high with bathroom window shades. Got a white bathroom? Go with matte black pull-down shades! No neighbors? Choose soft, embroidered, semi-sheer shades and opt to have them come down about half-way down the window, permanently tying them in a vintage finish. Want a clean and crisp spa feel? Opt for natural fiber shades that are semi-sheer and leave them down.

If you’ve been thinking about giving your bathroom an overhaul for next year, but you’re not too sure on the latest trends, you can’t go wrong with these ideas. For 2019, these ideas should give you inspiration that will help make planning your bathroom makeover project a little bit easier.