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Craft Room Storage Tips

Do you have any area in your home dedicated to crafting, whether for working on your own hobbies or for doing family creative projects? Regardless of the size of your craft room and what supplies you have on hand, there are a few tips and storage ideas that will help you better organize (and, therefore, utilize) this room.

Follow the four simple suggestions below and you’ll free up time to create. It will be such a relief to be able to get to making without having to first clear out a space or waste time searching for supplies!

#1: Organize by Hobby

If you have multiple hobbies or a variety of crafts you and your family do together, it will save your sanity to keep items that are specific to certain hobbies separate from those used for other hobbies.

For example, if you sew, keep all fabrics and thread in one section of the office, ideally near your sewing machine. Scrapbooking materials could be stored in a different section close to the table you work on and so on.

If your craft room is small and you don’t have enough space to create a section for each hobby, then use a different shelf, drawer and/or color-coded container for each one.

#2: Store Frequently Used Items Together

Any tools and supplies that are general and typically get used for a variety of crafts and projects should be kept together in a central location, providing easy access. This would include items like scissors, glue and tape. A desk drawer or a container on top of your work area would be ideal spots to keep these items.

#3: Utilize All Available Space

Look around your craft room and take note of any space that’s not being utilized. Wall space, space over doors and space underneath a table, bed or desk are all areas that provide the opportunity to create additional storage space.

Containers of crafting supplies fit nicely under a table or desk, while empty wall space is the perfect place to install cabinets or shelves. If you have the wall space, we highly recommend using a combination of custom cabinetry and shelving, as they will greatly expand your options for designing an organized, functional and customized craft room you’ll love being in.

#4: Have A Dedicated Desk
Having a dedicated work area is a must if you want to work comfortably and stay organized. Whether your work area is a typical desk or a card table, the most important thing is to strictly use it for doing projects and not allow it to become a dumping ground for miscellaneous items.