Design Ideas for Small Kitchen Spaces

Are you stumped for ideas on how you can maximize the use and efficiency of your cozy kitchen? Well fret no more, as we’ve compiled a list of great design ideas to help you utilize every bit of space in your small kitchen.

Open Concept Planning

A wonderful way to make your kitchen look and feel loftier is to design your kitchen with an open concept plan.

Open concept planning is an excellent way to help make your kitchen appear and feel less compartmentalized and separate from the surrounding spaces, like the living room or dining room areas.

If you feel like an open concept plan is a little too open for your tastes, try using an interesting floor material, paint as an accent color, or a unique wall material as a way to help visually divide the space.

Smaller Appliances

Appliance manufactures offer smaller more compact appliances. For example you can find a refrigerator that’s 24” deep instead of the more traditional 30” deep. Choose a microwave that can be installed under a cabinet instead of one that sits on a counter. This will help give you more counter space for cooking.


Lighting is very important in a kitchen, in particular in small kitchen spaces. Try flooding your space with light where you can. Use additional lighting under cabinets to help eliminate any dark spaces.

If you must have window treatments, choose window treatments that are light and simple to allow as much sunlight as possible into your kitchen.

Eliminate Clutter

Let’s face it…. we all have too much stuff, and storing lots of small items on top of kitchen counters and inside cabinets can make your kitchen look and feel junky. At we can help you eliminate clutter and organize your kitchen with some clever and unique kitchen storage solutions.

Pull Out Pantry

Use our pull out cabinets or spice drawers to neatly hide and store small items. For larger items like pots and pans, a pull out pantrywill help contain the clutter and give back valuable cabinet real estate.

If you have lots of large kitchen utensils and no place to properly store them, turn the gaps that separate your cabinets into functional space by using a pull out with a peg board that will slide and store neatly into your kitchen cabinets.

Wood Spice Dividers


When considering color for your kitchen think light paint and light kitchen cabinets. Light colors can give the appearance and feeling of a larger space. At we have a wide variety of light kitchen cabinets to suit all of your needs.

Floor Tiles

When choosing floor tiles for your kitchen, look at larger sized floor tiles. Large floor tiles can visually make your space appear bigger. They also have fewer grid lines which means your eye has less room to see the breaks in the floor tile.

In addition to choosing a large floor tile, floor pattern can also help with the illusion of making your kitchen seem larger. A great example of a floor pattern that can help give the impression of a larger sized kitchen would be to choose a tile pattern that’s set on a diagonal.

Glass Cabinet Doors

Glass cabinet doors are very attractive and will visually assist in making your space look less compartmentalized and boxy. A small word of caution when using glass cabinet doors, try not to store too many items inside of your cabinets. Storing too many items will make your cabinets look cluttered and will defeat the purpose of visually making your space appear more expansive.

Need more great design ideas for your kitchen? Give us a call and let one of our friendly designers help you design the kitchen of your dreams.