Don’t Be a Fool: 7 Items that are Taking Up Space in Your Kitchen

You may have been fooled on April 1st, but don’t let these kitchen space stealers fool you any longer. The seven sneaky items below are common kitchen items that can take up more space than they’re worth when they’re not stored properly. Take back valuable kitchen space from them with cabinet and drawer organizational tools from and these space-saving tips.

#1 The Stand Mixer
While it can save valuable time whipping frosting and mixing cookie dough, the stand mixer’s bulky frame takes up valuable counter-space. However, lugging it out every time you need it is tedious too. Instead, hide it away under the cabinet with a heavy duty mixer lift. The mixer lift simply swings out and up from the cabinet to the height of your countertops in one simple motion. No more heavy lifting!

#2. The Trash Can
Trash cans are absolutely kitchen necessities, but these bulky bins can take up precious floor space. Instead, hide them away under the sink with this easy pull-out waste container from TheRTAStore. It’ll open up floor space and take advantage of unused space under the sink!

#3. Wine Glasses
In order to keep crystal stems safe, most of us hide them away in kitchen cabinets, but their awkward shape hogs valuable shelf storage. Free up space by storing glasses on the underside of upper cabinets with a hanging stem rack.

#4. The Spice Collection
A growing spice collection is another major space hog if you’re storing them on a cabinet shelf. Maximize your cabinet space by moving spices to a door mount spice rack that uses the free space on the back of the cabinet door!

#5. The Knife Block
A wedding registry favorite, the knife block is a common countertop fixture in many kitchens. But how many of those knives actually get used? Instead of taking up space on your countertops with a big block, store the knives in a knife organizer that can be trimmed down to fit any size drawer. As for the knives you never use—store them away in the attic or donate them.

#6. The Blind Corner Cabinet
While this big corner cabinet gives the illusion of space, it’s more like a black hole where pots and pans get sucked in never to be seen again. Turn it into functional storage space with a lazy susan made specifically to fit into a big, blind corner cabinet.

#7. Bulky Pots and Pans
Pots and pans are the bread and butter of cooking utensils, but their bulky shapes can take up a lot of space in cabinets and drawers. Plus, their lids only make them trickier to store! This inside cabinet pull-out cookware organizer makes storing pots, pans, and their lids a cinch and keeps them readily accessible! has everything you need to bring organization and function to your kitchen. Check out all of our pull-out organizers and storage systems here. If you’re looking to remodel your existing kitchen or are starting from scratch, make sure to take advantage of our free design help from our friendly kitchen experts!