How To Build A Better Home Office In 3 Steps


According to a recent article from titled, These Pandemic-Related Housing and Design Trends Aren’t Going Away, having a dedicated home office, or “Zoom room,” is a vital need that will last far beyond COVID-19. In fact, it’s become increasingly common to see agents and sellers including Zoom rooms in listings as part of a home’s features.”

Today, homeowners and buyers require an extra space to create a home office for students and working parents, whether it’s a separate room in the home or a quiet corner in a TV room or bedroom. If your current situation simply isn’t working, read on to learn how to build a better home office in just three steps. 

Location, Location, Location

For a workspace to be productive, it must be free of clutter and distractions. A designated, separate room is ideal, but carving out a cozy nook within a multipurpose space will work just as well, as long as it’s in a quiet area away from heavy traffic. Ideas can include a home office that doubles as a guest bedroom when needed, complete with a hidden Murphy bed, or a den that serves as a workspace during the day and a TV room at night. Once you decide the best location of your home office, you can get to work on your design.

Office Supplies

Sure, printer ink and paper are necessary supplies, but you also need to think a bit bigger when starting a home office project. Essential items for your renovation checklist should include a desk and custom cabinets with shelves for storage, plus a comfortable chair suitable for long hours of sitting. If you are working with a tight budget, you can still splurge on that really plush executive chair you’ve been eyeing by opting for affordable, ready to assemble custom cabinets and a DIY installation.

Zoom Room Worthy

Remember that Zoom room we mentioned earlier? Make sure your space has a pleasing background for online meetings. When adding a home office to a multipurpose space, you need to look at the room as a whole to create a clean, cohesive design. When starting from scratch, the sky’s the limit. Begin by picking with a wall color that inspires you and layer in warmth, texture and pattern by adding window treatments, art and decor, an office-friendly houseplant, and a soft area rug over wood-look luxury vinyl flooring.

Once you build a better home office, telecommuting will be a breeze and work will be much less of a chore. As an added bonus, you can finally cross that valuable, highly-coveted Zoom room off your renovation checklist.


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