With the right care, a copper sink is a beautiful and practical alternative to stainless steel.

How to Clean Your New Copper Sink

Contrary to conventional wisdom, copper sinks are easy to maintain. With the right care, a copper sink is a beautiful and practical alternative to stainless steel. A little daily upkeep goes a long way, so keep your copper sink clean with these 3 simple steps.

1. Rinse it out. If you let food — especially acidic food like tomatoes, citrus fruit, or salt — sit in the sink, a blemish can form on the copper. But don't stress too much if you forget once to rinse out your sink when you've finished. Sinkology.com says that after a while, the copper's natural coating — the patina — will reform and give your sink a rich pattern of lighter and darker tones. With a copper sink, there is beauty in the imperfections.

2. Dry it when you're done. Make sure to pat your sink dry with a cloth so water doesn't create splotches on the copper. To help prevent water damage, SF Gate's Home Guides says you can use a special plumbing wax to protect the surface.

3. Use materials that are soft and gentle. Only use mild soap and a soft cloth or sponge to tackle germs, according to Sinkology.com. Also, don't use any tough cleaning materials such as steel wool, and avoid harsh chemicals like chlorine bleach, as these will damage the finish. If you have a clogged sink, do not use drain cleaners. Check out our blog article to learn about other ways you can remove a clog.

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