DIY Mason Jar Snow Globe

How To Deck The Halls DIY Style

Are you decorating on a budget? Making your house feel homey around the holidays can be expensive, but there’s no need to spend a lot if you can craft a little. Everybody knows The RTA Store helps find new kitchen cabinets that are ready-to-assemble with their free kitchen design tool. But this time of year we also want to help you find affordable decorations for the holidays! These DIY (do-it-yourself) projects are easy to execute and great additions to your kitchen or home.


Mason Jar Snow GlobeMerry Mason Jars


We’ve got a great way for you to put those glass salsa and pasta sauce jars in the recycling bin to good use. If you’re not a fan of tomatoes, that’s okay! You can find Mason jar sets for around $10 online. Glass canning jars are the perfect foundation to create adorable holiday décor, such as Mason jar snow globes!


To assemble these, you’ll need silver glitter spray paint, artificial snow, mini Christmas trees and snowmen, and a glue gun. First use your spray paint to cover the lids, and wait until they fully dry. Then assemble your scene by gluing your miniatures to the inside of the lids. Fill your jar about a quarter of the way with snow and then put your jar back together. Mason jar snow globes are perfect for displaying on the countertop and accenting your kitchen cabinets.  


Plastic Spoon Christmas Trees

Red Plastic Spoons

When we first saw these plastic spoon Christmas trees on Pinterest, we thought they looked so unique and modern. It wasn’t until reading the instructions that we discovered they were made out of plastic spoons!


To create them you’ll need plastic spoons, a paper Mache Christmas tree form, spray paint and a hot glue gun. Your first step is to cut the handles off the spoons. Then lay them out on some paper to spray paint with your color of choice. Once both sides are dry, you can begin assembling your tree starting from the bottom up. Put a drop of glue on the inside bottom (near where you cut the handle). Press one piece at a time, moving around the tree form, and leaving a little space between each spoon. This will allow you to create alternate layers on each row. Continue adding spoons until you reach the top. Place your spoon tree atop a portable kitchen cart set up as a beverage station for a whimsical (and unbreakable) party decoration!


Basket of Wine BottlesWine Winter Wonderland


This holiday DIY project is perfect for vino lovers. It utilizes empty wine bottles and branches right from your backyard to create a magical centerpiece for your kitchen or dining room table. 


To decorate your wine bottles, you’ll need primer, Epsom salt and multi-purpose spray adhesive. First spray your bottles with the primer and let them dry. Put down some paper and shake Epsom salt evenly on the surface. Once your bottles are dry, spray them with the adhesive and then roll them over the Epsom salt. The salt will stick to the bottle’s tacky surface and look like glistening snow.


To fill your bottles, you can use branches right from your backyard. By spraying them with metallic or glitter spray paint, you can transform them to create a sparkling floral centerpiece for your kitchen table. Or make two and place them on either end of a large kitchen island to anchor a festive holiday buffet. 



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