How To Tackle The Toughest Laundry Room Stains

Avoiding stains, spills, and spots on your clothing is next to impossible. We all suffer from the occasional coffee drip, the muddy mishap, or the dreadful red wine splatter.  Although these messes are annoying, most of them are easily fixable; so don’t let the fear of ruining your favorite clothes keep you from enjoying the activities and foods you love. There are tons of options for removing stains and spots. From natural remedies to powerful stain fighters, there is sure to be a solution for everybody.


Water is the simplest method, but it is also one of the most effective. Before fumbling through your wholesale cabinets anxiously searching for a stain remover, simply rinse the fabric with water. Water should be used as your first defense technique against a new stain in any situation.

Dabbing, rubbing or saturating the smudge with water can help tremendously, especially if you catch it right away. Pro tip: Use cold or warm water and start from the back of the fabric. Hot water can set some stains, and by removing a stain from the back, you push it to the surface rather than deeper inside.

White Vinegar

If plain old water didn’t do the job, don’t worry! There are tons of other options that you probably already have stored in your wholesale cabinets. Not only is white vinegar natural and safe for most fabrics, but it’s also a potent stain remover. Pro tip: Make sure to dilute white vinegar with water and use it conservatively to avoid damage.



Dish Soap

Dish soap is easy to find and affordable, making it a great option for removing fabric stains. Dabbing a couple drops of dish soap on the spot and gently rubbing with water will usually remove surface stains, and is a fantastic initial treatment. Pro tip: Dish soap is especially effective on grease stains — even set in stains!


Salt is another household item probably hiding behind your cabinet doors. Salt is especially helpful for removing blood stains. Pro tip: Create a salt and water paste and massage it into the stain as quickly as possible. Rinse and repeat.

Hydrogen Peroxide

Oxidizing bleaches such as hydrogen peroxide are ideal for removing unwanted pigment, including grass, makeup, or rust. Although it has a bleaching affect, hydrogen peroxide should not affect colors if used carefully. Pro tip: Keep a hydrogen peroxide filled spray bottle in your laundry room cabinetry for a quick and easy stain treatment.

Commercial Stain Removers

If natural methods don’t do the job or you simply like the convenience of a pre-prepared treatment straight out of the bottle, there are hundreds of commercial fabric cleaners available on the market. Keep your favorites in your laundry room cabinets for whenever you’re in a bind. Pro tip: always read the label and follow directions to ensure effectiveness and safety. Not all commercial stain removers are safe for all fabrics and stains.




Of all the stain removal methods, bleach is definitely the harshest. However, some stains are so deep rooted they may require a splash of bleach. Only use bleach on white clothes and always dilute the mixture with water. If spot treating, apply a small amount of diluted bleach to the stain and wash regularly after a few minutes. Pro tip: If you’re doing a normal load of laundry and want your whites to be as bright as your white shaker cabinets, feel free to add a capful or two of bleach to the load.


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