An L-shaped kitchen layout spreads appliances across two perpendicular walls and includes an island or kitchen cart in the center.

Personalizing Your Kitchen Cabinet Space to Fit Your Lifestyle

A kitchen tends to be the heart of the home and place we gather, so of course we want it to fit our individual lifestyles. Your kitchen layout, appliances, accessories, and so on will vary depending on your cooking and entertaining habits. Working with a kitchen designer can guide you towards the perfect combination. 

Choose The Kitchen Cabinet Layout

You might begin by considering your layout. The four basic kitchen layouts are galley, single wall, U-shaped, and L-shaped. While the size of your home may play in role in layout, don't let the size deter you from the kitchen that fits your lifestyle. In other words, let form follow function. If you enjoy cooking but don't see entertaining in the kitchen as a priority, you could go with a galley-style. To make the space feel larger you can try white or other light-colored cabinets

Functionality vs. Style – What's Right For You

If you enjoy entertaining and cooking and spend a good amount of time doing both, you might choose a single-wall or L-shaped layout. With a single wall, you have all appliances on one wall with a large kitchen island, including bar-style seating parallel to the wall. This allows you to open up the space for conversation while also creating extra counter space for cooking and cabinets for storage. The L-shape spreads appliances along two perpendicular walls and includes an island or kitchen cart in the center. This is another open plan that you can adjust to have more/less space for cooking versus entertaining.

The U-shaped layout is the chef's dream. You have an abundance of space for appliances and cooking. For this layout, you need three walls that can be lined with kitchen cabinets and appliances. You have the option of adding a kitchen island in the center and extending one wall out into open space for bar seating in order to add a bit of entertainment space. Overall, this is the best option if your lifestyle involves a lot of cooking with entertainment here and there.


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