Do your homework on costs before pitching a kitchen remodel to your landlord.

Remodeling for Renters

If you're renting a home and want to remodel, it might be a bit more complicated than if you owned a place, but the good news is that you likely won't have to bear the full cost.

Is It Covered Under the Lease?

For starters, any remodels that involve maintaining acceptable living conditions should be covered in your lease. You'll want to check items under maintenance, repairs, and damages to be sure that your landlord is responsible for any living conditions that could be potentially unsafe or uncomfortable.

When it comes to cosmetic changes, you'll have an easier time establishing what is and isn't possible before signing a lease. If you've already signed a lease, read through it to see what's possible, and be an excellent tenant so that any requests you have for your landlord are more likely to be considered.

Remodeling Research is the Key

If you know going into a lease that you would like to see major updates to the kitchen cabinets and bathroom vanity, for example, then you can get the details for cost, return on investment, timeline for completion, and increase in your rent before signing a contract. Research is an especially important component of this. If you want the work done and want to convince the landlord to cover the costs, you should take the time to research materials, contractors, timelines, and re-sale value so that when you present your request you have a strong case. You might also consider that a landlord will be more likely to let you make hefty remodels if you plan to extend your lease.

If you're already renting and want to remodel, start small. Ask about things like paint color, faucets, and cabinet knobs. Of course, it is also helpful if you're willing to pay for some of the materials and either do the labor yourself or help pay for labor. Much of this comes down to your initial lease agreement and your relationship with, plus the flexibility of, your landlord.

Best of luck with your remodel no matter how big or small!


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