Secrets For Keeping Your Bathroom Simply Spotless Every Day

It’s time to cut the clutter, clear the countertops, organize those bathroom vanity cabinets, and finally free yourself of dirty bathroom dilemmas. That’s right! A clean, spotless bathroom is possible and we’re sharing our super easy secrets to help you achieve total bathroom order. Let’s go!

Stop waiting for tomorrow and pick up some quick cleaning moves today.

Cleaning an entire bathroom is anything but appealing. Especially when you put off cleaning it for a week or so — not that you’d ever do that! We love quick and easy ways to keep things “surface clean” until you have time to schedule in that deep dive cleaning.

One notable favorite are antibacterial disposable cleaning wipes. These pre-moistened wipes combine cleaning products and paper towels for a one-step wipe and toss that sanitizes sinks, countertops, and toilets. Another top product for keeping the bathroom clean with minimal effort is an automatic toilet cleaning system. There are a few varieties of these on the market. Some that are inserted directly in the bowl of the toilet and others that go in the tank. Do these two things and your bathroom will look freshly cleaned even if it isn’t. We won’t tell.

Utilize bathroom cabinets to cut down on countertop clutter.

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Ever notice how items from your bathroom cabinets end up on the countertop time and time again? Something is clearly stopping your toothpaste and face wash from finding its way back behind those cabinet doors. Get in the habit of keeping things organized by fully utilizing the space in your bathroom vanity cabinets. One easy way to do this is to add inside cabinet accessories like under sink and drawer organizers to your bathroom vanity. With these in place, it will be easier to put things away and find them when you need them.

Invest in bathroom accessories that promote a clean and organized bathroom.

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A good foundation is key to keeping your bathroom spotless every day. Upgrades, like a stain-resistant toilet seat that also neutralizes odors, might seem over the top in the moment, but a lot of those little luxuries are affordable and can drastically cut down on cleaning time.

We also recommend installing adequate bath hardware, so that no towel ever touches the floor. At The RTA Store, you’ll find a diverse selection of towel rings and bars that will help you achieve your bathroom organization goals.

Spray down shower walls and floor after use to fight soap scum and lime deposits.

While scrubbing your shower did you ever wonder, “Is there was a way to ‘soak’ a dirty shower like you do with dirty dishes?” Actually, there is! Shower sprays are anything but an everyday cleaning essential but this one-purpose product really works to fight against the soap scum and lime deposits that can build up in your shower. Think of it as the product everyone needs but no one knows about.

After showering, simply spray the product on your shower walls and floors to reduce the need for scrubbing. You will still need to clean your shower from time to time, but a shower spray, even a DIY one, will help keep your shower clean in the in-between time.

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