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Storage Solutions for Hobby Rooms

Whether you like to relax by sewing, painting, crafting, woodworking or another favorite activity, every hobbyist needs their own space to do what they love. With any hobby, organization is a top priority to keep your space looking and functioning its best. We’ve gathered a list of stylish and practical storage solutions perfect for your hobby room.


Cabinets are a classic storage option that offer plenty of versatility. Ideal for large tools and small accessories alike, office cabinetry is a great way to add storage space and a touch of style to your hobby room. Storing craft materials and equipment in overhead cabinets keeps them organized and out of the way, so your work space can be clutter-free.

Storage Carts

Fun and versatile, carts are useful for everything from storing yarn skeins to keeping scrapbooking materials in order. Wheels make them portable so you can bring them close when needed and roll them into a closet or against a wall when you’re done. Whether you repurpose a stylish kitchen cart or opt for something else to keep your supplies organized, it’s easy to find a storage cart that suits your hobby room’s design.

Drawer Organizers

When you need to find a certain pen, tool, fabric swatch or thread color, there’s nothing worse than a disorganized drawer. Use a simple, versatile cutlery tray or create a custom drawer organizer to suit the sizes and shapes of your hobby supplies.

Open Shelves

If you want some of your supplies to be on display and easily accessible, opt for open shelves to utilize extra wall space, such as the area above your desk. Shelves are the perfect place to display your finished projects or store items you frequently use. Combine open shelving with cabinets for a dynamic and trendy look that’s also practical.

DIY Peg Board

A large peg board is an easy DIY project that offers customizable hanging storage for smaller items, such as art supplies, thread spools, scissors and more. Paint a peg board in a color that complements the style of your hobby room, and use hooks and small hanging baskets or cups to maximize the storage potential of your wall space. You can also make your peg board a stylish centerpiece of the room by adding art, photos and more.

No matter what your hobby room storage needs are, these solutions will keep your space clutter-free and organized, so you can focus on doing what you love.