Top 5 Kitchen Design Tips for Foodies

Is the way to your heart through your stomach? Do you plan your vacations around meals? Have you saved more recipes on Pinterest than days in a lifetime? If you answered yes, then you are probably a foodie. A grub-loving, snack-savoring, Food Network-watching foodie, one that deserves a kitchen that caters to your passion. Check out these top five kitchen design tips for foodies, and we’ll let your stomach thank us later.

1. Transform Kitchen Cabinets To Create Storage Solutions

Optimize kitchen cabinets to include a variety of organizers and accessories, and gain easy access to everything you need while cooking. Every foodie needs quick access to spices, so a door mounted spice rack is a must. Cookware organizers are also extremely useful for storing pots and pans, and many foodies add additional shelving in taller kitchen cabinets to create more space for storing other useful gadgets. A divided slide-out tray organizer can discreetly hold all your cookie sheets, cutting boards, and trays.

Top 5 Kitchen Design Tips for Foodies

2. Put Utensils Away

Like the rest of your cookware, utensils should be stored away in your kitchen cabinets. Get rid of that holder on your kitchen counter stuffed with whisks and oversized spoons and look into drawer organizers that come in a variety of styles to store knives, flatware and other utensils.

3. Install The Prep Space You Want, Not What You Need

Sure, you could make do with an average workstation, but if you spend ample time in the kitchen why not install a large space for prepping meals? There are many ways to add more footage for slicing and dicing; extending your kitchen counter into an L-shape gives you more counter without sacrificing space, a kitchen island is an attractive addition that also enhances cooking prep, and a rollout cutting board can be stored under your existing kitchen counter to take out when needed.

4. Invest In The Right Appliances

Think realistically about the way you use your refrigerator, freezer and dishwasher when purchasing new appliances. If your freezer is always overflowing, but the refrigerator is rarely full, look for a side-by-side unit rather that one with a bottom freezer. If you host a lot of parties, or cook for a large family, upgrade your dishwasher to include a utensil rack and any other space saving solutions, so that you get more out of each load and are not left washing dinner plates by hand.

5. When it Comes To Sinks, The Bigger The Better

We’ve all been stuck washing a large pot under a not-so-tall faucet—water spraying, soap slushing. When choosing a kitchen sink, look for one with a large, deep base that is functional and can accommodate your needs. Some foodies also like the idea of a second sink, which can even be installed in a kitchen island, and if you have the space for it we say give it a go!