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10 Reasons To Resolve To Have A New Kitchen In The New Year

New Year’s Resolutions — We love to make them, but almost always break them. Why is that? Maybe its because we are always trying to improve ourselves (which is hard), when we should be trying to improve something else, like our kitchen. Who wants to make a new kitchen their New Year’s Resolution? Here are ten good reasons why you should.


Old Cabinet Doors1. Creaky Kitchen Cabinets And Wobbly Drawers


Not that you needed a reminder that your kitchen cabinets were old, but they tell you every day anyways. Do your cabinet doors creak when they open and close (or do they not even close all the way)? Do your drawers shake and wobble too? If so, it’s time for a new kitchen.


2. Your Idea Of “Extra Storage” Is Putting Stuff In Other Rooms


When did your kitchen cabinets reach capacity? Wouldn’t a kitchen island be a nice addition? If lack of storage has your kitchen overflowing into other rooms, it’s time for a new kitchen.


3. When You Have Guests Over For Dinner, Some People Have To Eat On The Couch


Your kitchen table has reached capacity. Where does the influx of guests go? Do they eat on your living room couch? A kitchen island with some high top stools could solve your seating issues. If you can’t accommodate your guests, it’s time for a new kitchen.


4. Your Countertops Are Cracked, Scratched, Or Porous


Are there unintentional zigs and zags on your countertop? Are permanent coffee stains a real thing? Your countertop is the place you prepare your food. It should be in one piece and not look dirty. If your countertops are gashed or ghastly, it’s time for a new kitchen. 


5. You Absolutely Hate Being In Your Kitchen


Do you avoid your kitchen at all costs? Are you ordering take out just so you don’t have to deal with your old appliances? The kitchen is the heart of the home. People like to be there! If you don’t, it’s time for a new kitchen.


6. People Bump Into Each Other Constantly


Is your layout less than lovable? Do you feel like the person that designed your kitchen was drunk, or hungry, or both? If your appliances haven’t been spaced out properly and people are constantly bumping into each other, it’s time for a new kitchen.


7. There Are Hills, Lumps, Or Bumps Underneath Your Kitchen Floors


While cracked tile can be pretty telling, so can uneven floors. If you’ve ever stubbed your toe on a piece of your floor, or gotten seasick from walking around the room, it’s time for a new kitchen. 


Full Dishwasher8. Your Refrigerator And Dishwasher Are Always Full


Does getting groceries into your fridge make you sweat more than a workout? Are you running your dishwasher every day? If you’ve outgrown your appliances, it’s time for a new kitchen. 


9. You Never Use Your Kitchen Hood


Does it work? Does it need a new filter? You’re not sure and, frankly, don’t even want to know. That thing is hideous and you never use your oven anyways. If your kitchen hood only has decorative purposes, you need a new kitchen.


10. The RTA Store’s Free Kitchen Design Tool


Need one more reason to have a new kitchen in the New Year? Check out The RTA Store’s free kitchen design tool. Now your remodel doesn’t even require a designer. Your free consultation includes a custom layout, photorealistic renderings, and an itemized list of what you’ll need and what it will cost. So there is no excuse not to keep your resolution this year!



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