Get to Know Your Maple, Oak, & Cherry Oak Cabinets

The time has come for you to invest in new cabinets and with so many different choices in wood, you’ll want to research the materials before you break out your wallet. We’ve done the work for you. Take a look here; we’re breaking down three popular wood choices—maple, oak and cherry—to help you make this big cabinet remodel decision.

There are countless styles, colors, finishes and layouts available with DIY cabinets, and whether you choose light- or dark-colored wood, there are benefits to each of these cabinet materials.

There are numerous ways you can highlight the exceptional beauty of your light- or dark-colored cabinets by considering complementary style details — taking your outdated counters and turning them into a conversation piece at your next dinner party.

Kitchen with Maple Cabinets

#1. Maple Cabinets

Maple is a very popular choice for custom designed wood cabinets. A hardy and resilient wood, its light grain color is easy to stain and naturally features uniform graining as compared to other wood options. Popular in the kitchen, bathroom and laundry room, maple works beautifully with different paints, stains, glazes or finishes. Maple cabinets are predominately creamy in color, with light reddish-brown hues.

Kitchen with Oak Cabinets

#2. Oak Cabinets

There are two predominant types of oak wood for cabinets: white and red. While white oak is the stronger of the two, red oak can be more versatile. White oak looks cozy and rustic and has a soft grain to it. Red oak has a bolder grain, looks a little woodier and works well with many different finishes, making it an excellent choice for traditional kitchen styles.

Kitchen with Cherry Cabinets

#3. Cherry Cabinets

If you have small children, cherry wood is an exceptional choice when remodeling your cabinets. Cherry is durable, versatile and stands up beautifully to most wear and tear. Like a good wine, cherry ages well. Over time, cherry wood will change from its original lighter red or brown to a darker hue. While it has an elegant and more formal look, which is great for traditional designs, it can also work well with contemporary styles. Cherry wood is smooth with a fine grain and is reddish-brown in color.

Regardless of why homeowners remodel their cabinets—to replace outdated features, increase storage space, ensure a higher resale value—there aren’t many DIY home remodeling projects that are more exciting than upgrading your cabinets. Choosing the wood for your project is an important decision as you’ll be using (and looking at) your cabinets every single day. Whether you choose maple, oak or cherry, there are many visually pleasing ways to enhance the impact of both light- and dark-colored cabinets.