6 Innovative Laundry Room Ideas

Change the way you think about laundry entirely by designing a laundry room that is efficient, functional, and attractive. When the space where you wash, dry, and fold clothes is easy on the eyes and super organized, laundry duty is no longer a chore. From wall cabinets for laundry room storage to fun ways you can liven up the room, here are some innovative ideas to optimize your laundry room.

  1. Install wall cabinets for laundry room storage and conquer clutter.

11-23-18 RTA2-Phoenix Caramel Glaze

Think about your typical laundry room — a small walk-in space with a washer and dryer side-by-side on the floor and a single wall-mounted wire shelf a few feet above. As one of the only spots for storage, that flimsy wire shelf holds everything from paper towels and bottles of detergent, to stain removers and boxes of dryer sheets. Not such a pretty sight and certainly not a space you want to spend time in. But with the simple installation of wall cabinets for laundry room storage, laundry seems less of a chore. Designed to frame your appliances, laundry room cabinets can uplift the entire room’s aesthetic while also solving your storage problems.

  1. Add open shelving for baskets and other functional décor.

Incorporating open shelving into your wall cabinets can add character to your design while also creating additional storage solutions. Line open shelves with decorative baskets that can be used to sort laundry or store supplies. By streamlining the clothes washing process with functional décor, you are able to make doing laundry easier while also making the room look good.

  1. Liven up the space and occupy little helpers with a chalkboard wall.

11-23-18 RTA3-Providence Natural Grey

If you have kids, a chalkboard wall can be a great addition to a laundry room. Not only does it give young ones a place to doodle while you wash and fold clothes, but it can also serve as a chore chart where older kids (and spouses) can be assigned tasks. This is such an awesome addition to a laundry room and painting a chalkboard wall is super easy.

  1. Install countertop space above front loaders for folding.

Installing a countertop in your laundry room can be a game changer. How often are you lugging piles of clothes to the bedroom or TV room to fold? Not any more! Even a couple feet of countertop space can help simplify the clothes washing process.

  1. Opt for a space-saving stackable washer/dryer in a smaller laundry room.

11-23-18 RTA4-Coffee Shaker

If space is limited in your laundry room, consider a stackable washer/dryer. This will allow you to free up some extra space for storage, or even a countertop for folding clothes. The common misconception is that a stackable set is smaller and hard to get to. Not only are today’s models more functional than those in the past, but also a stool can easily solve any issues you have reaching the top unit. The benefit of more space is so worth the trade off.

  1. Use wall mounted accessories to add functionality to the laundry room without losing space.

Laundry essentials like a drying rack and ironing board can be mounted to the walls in your laundry room to add functionality without crowding the room. These fold-out accessories can even be mounted to cabinet doors to keep them out of sight and save some extra space.

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