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The 5 Keys To Designing A Rustic Bathroom Makeover

The process of designing a new bathroom can be filled with adventure as you explore different ways to bring your dream to life. A great first step is to decide the theme you’d like to follow. One trend that is gaining momentum is the rustic bathroom theme. This theme combines minimalism with the great outdoors for a shabby chic, industrial inspired bathroom. Think bathroom vanities made of natural materials, a vintage freestanding tub, and open shelving for a relaxed feel.


If you’re ready to jump on the rustic train, here are 5 keys to navigate you through your bathroom makeover.


1. Natural elements should be found from top to bottom.


Whether it’s natural wood paneling on the walls or a tree trunk stool, there should be clear evidence of inspiration from the outdoors. But it’s also important to approach this step with moderation in mind.


While you want your theme to be clear, you also want to maintain balance. The ultimate rustic bathroom is part industrial, part country, and part modern. Choose a few elements you want to be very raw and natural (like that tree trunk stool, for example), blend them with some country charm, and then add in some modern features like brushed oil rubbed bronze bath hardware.


Roosevelt Ginger Vandyke Distress (Semi-Custom) - The RTA Store2. Bathroom vanities need to possess an undone feel.


Bathroom vanities in a rustic bathroom should have a distressed finish, like our Roosevelt White with Chocolate Distress and Walnut Highlights or Roosevelt Ginger with Vandyke Distress. This combination of a beautiful new vanity with vintage style is what gives a bathroom that industrial look, while maintaining modern sensibilities. Again, balance is so important with a rustic theme!


3. Incorporate warm and welcoming elements into the room.


The country charm of a rustic bathroom is found in the warm and welcoming elements you add to your space. Open shelving is a simple way to communicate the hominess of the room, and gives you extra storage space at the same time. Use functionally or for decorations. Either way, open shelving will achieve the goal of making the room feel more welcoming.


4. Metal accessories can complement your rustic theme.


Aside from natural wood, metal is another complementary material for your rustic theme. To incorporate this material seamlessly, add steel baskets that can be displayed on open shelving, distressed pewter cabinet pulls, brushed oil rubbed bronze bath hardware, and bathroom sinks with a vintage feel.


5.  Fall on fabric for the finishing touches.


To lock down your rustic theme, you’re going to want to rely on fabrics. A beautiful valance or shower curtain in a pretty plaid or buffalo check pattern can do the trick.


If you’re not a fan of patterns, you can opt for natural fabrics (like raw linen or cotton), which are simple but still make a statement. Never underestimate the visual capabilities of texture.



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