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The Importance Of Good Ventilation In The Kitchen… And How To Get It

Kitchen hoods may not be the most exciting element of kitchen design, but they play a very important role in your remodel. These kitchen accessories make the kitchen a more comfortable place and keep new additions looking new longer. Here we’ll share why good ventilation is so important in the kitchen and how to achieve it with the right kitchen hood.


Homeowner Cooking in KitchenGood Ventilation 101 (What You Need To Know)


There are so many reasons why all homeowners need good ventilation in their kitchen. Here are five of the best.


1. Comfort: The last thing you want when you’re cooking is to feel overheated. You have work to do. If your kitchen has poor ventilation that can be extremely difficult due to the heat that preparing a meal produces. Kitchen hoods provide ventilation to control air temperature and keep you cool.


2. Odors: Walking through the front door and smelling a savory dish sautéing on the stovetop is inviting. Still smelling that dish days later is off-putting, to say the least. Good ventilation in the kitchen eliminates odors, so you don’t smell yesterday’s dinner alongside your morning coffee.


3. Smoke And Steam: Does your fire alarm go off the second you try to blacken a piece of fish or brown some chicken? This false alarm may have less to do with a finicky smoke detector and more to do with poor ventilation. If your kitchen is losing the fight against steam and smoke, you need a kitchen hood that can neutralize the playing field and ventilate that fog.


4. Energy: Kitchen hoods not only improve conditions in the kitchen but they can also help you save energy in the home. A poor ventilation system may be removing the clean air that your HVAC system is producing, in addition to the odors and smoke. A good ventilation system will not waste air or energy, by differentiating between good and bad air more efficiently.  


5.  Preservation: When you’re cooking with poor ventilation, the air quality is compromised and food particles can be carried around the kitchen. This can not only contaminate surfaces but also damage them. With poor ventilation, you’ll need to clean your kitchen’s surfaces more frequently to avoid contamination, and preserve them against the potential of stains and water damage.


Kitchen Hoods In All Shapes For All Places


Now that you know why good ventilation is so important, let’s take a look at some of the kitchen hoods available at The RTA Store.


Dark Chocolate Shaker - The RTA StoreWhile browsing the selection of kitchen hoods, you’ll notice a variety of different shapes and sizes. The look of a kitchen hood will help you determine the location it’s meant to be installed. For example, a thin, almost flat hood is meant to be installed underneath your kitchen cabinets. On the other end, wall-mount kitchen hoods appear to be an upside down letter Y, and your island-mount range hoods look like an upside down letter T. The different shapes and styles are less about style preference and more about installation preference. Your kitchen layout will determine which style hood is right for your kitchen — so start shopping!   



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