The RTA Store vs. Big Box Stores – What’s the Difference for Contractors?

At The RTA Store, we know independent contractors live by an old but true saying: “Time is money.”

The most successful – and profitable – projects use great-looking, high-quality materials with a good margin and get done on schedule. For materials like bathroom and kitchen cabinets, this means an easy ordering process, prices that make for good margins, and perhaps more importantly, on-time delivery and cabinets that arrive without any damage. This is what makes The RTA Store the contractors’ choice and sets it apart from big box stores.

A Team Dedicated to the Needs of Independent Contractors

Whether you’re an independent contractor, a general contractor or a specialized bathroom or kitchen remodeling contractor, you need suppliers who understand your needs. It’s not enough to supply you with a product; you need someone who understands that delays and damage disrupt your business.

Now, we know a lot of the big box stores have great and knowledgeable employees who solely work with and understand how to help contractors get what they need. Their challenge, however, is that their co-workers and other contacts may not share that understanding.

As an online provider of cabinets to contractors for new construction, remodels and renovations, The RTA Store B2B has expert knowledge of all aspects of cabinet selection and installation. Being online also means our success only happens when you get what you need on time, at the right price and in good condition. Ultimately, our success comes from your success.

RTA Store Makes it Simple for General Contractors to Stay on Schedule

Online retailers have many advantages over brick-and-mortar stores. For example, you’ll never lose time on a trip to the store. Another advantage is that online retailers have intuitive and generally easy-to-use websites since those are the store, as opposed to websites meant to complement the store. Those like The RTA Store, with B2B teams that specialize in contractor needs, also make it easy to reach them by phone.

Being online also means that online retailers must offer exceptional service to respond to every contractor’s need from ordering through delivery. This includes speedy replacement of any materials should they get damaged in transit. Part of the service comes from providing exceptionally high-quality products that don’t damage easily, and a plan designed to minimize and prevent as best as possible any product damage during delivery. This is an essential part of the business model for an online retailer.

Of course, safe delivery of cabinets isn’t the only priority. There’s also the constant optimization that goes into providing independent contractors with product information, installation how-to guides, product comparisons and an efficient ordering experience.

We know all the big box retailers want to help their contractor clients stay on schedule. The big difference between an online retailer and a big box store is that the online retailer’s entire process is built around on-time delivery and an efficient handling of all service-related issues.

The Best Value for Bath and Kitchen Remodeling Contractors and All General Contractors

On-time, no-hassle delivery of great products could be enough give a competitive edge to online suppliers of kitchen and bathroom cabinets. There is, however, one more big advantage an online retailer like The RTA Store gives contractors.

Unlike big box stores, we don’t have the overhead of a lease or other real estate costs. Less overhead means we can offer higher quality cabinets for lower costs. For a contractor, this means a stunning kitchen or bath – and better margins!

How General Contractors Can Choose the Best Source for Cabinets

Online ordering, great service and access to information and resources to ensure the best installation define the quality of any supplier whether they’re strictly online or a multi-channel like the big box stores. Admittedly, the big boxes have delivered for contractors for years. Yet, no matter how long they’ve delivered, they can’t build their price and processes around the needs of contractors.

At The RTA Store, we’ve listened to our contractor clients. In response, we’ve developed a system to provide Reliability, Ease and Value. Or as we like to say, ‘Reliable Ease with the Best Value.’

For any contractor looking for the highest-quality products delivered with premium service at a great price, contact us or schedule an appointment to visit our showroom today.