How to Display Wine Artistically in Your Kitchen Island

How to Display Wine Artistically in Your Kitchen Island

Written by Karissa Risi

Where to Place Your Wine Rack

  • First, consider the placement of your wine rack. A kitchen island is a perfect location as it stands to be the centerpiece of any kitchen.
  • Make sure to store wine bottles with the necks of the bottles facing outwards. Besides being aesthetically pleasing, it allows the bottle to be gripped securely when it’s time to enjoy.

Tips for Organizing Your Wine

  • Decide on a system for organizing the wines that makes sense to you, so your favorite wines don’t get forgotten within your collection. We suggest trying by the type of grape (Merlot anyone?).
  • To take it a step further wine can be organized into regions where they are crafted (like California or Italy).
  • A fun alternative to a subcategory is the color of the foil wrapper. Stand the bottles up on the ground evenly spaced and arranged by the same number bottles across and down as your wine rack.  Then start mixing up the colors within your larger categories until you feel like Jackson Pollack!

 Lighting and Other Design Elements to Incorporate

  • No art display is complete without lighting. Purchase an inexpensive rope light to showcase your new masterpiece.
  • Finally, to complete the look get an interesting shaped glass vase —a fishbowl is just the right amount of funky for any kitchen— and place it on the countertop surface over the wine rack to display your corks. These corks can be saved for future fun craft projects or just provide a stylized look to your kitchen.  Cheers!

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