How To Make A College Apartment Feel Like Home

While living in a college apartment is only temporary, it will still be your child’s “home away from home” for several years. Make their college experience the best it can be by adding the comforts of home to their college apartment with these smart tips.

First and foremost, go along on the apartment hunt.

Yellow and white narrow modern kitchen.

Have you sat on the sofa in your TV room and wondered how the young people on screen could afford to live in apartments even nicer then your house? Your daughter may dream of her first apartment looking like Monica’s loft on Friends, but the reality is, most families can’t afford to pay thousands of dollars a month in rent, even when splitting said rent with roommates. If your child is contemplating leaving the dorm for a college apartment, be sure to go along on the hunt to help them find a nice place that is also practical, safe, centrally located, and affordable.


Next, talk to the landlord.

Before you sign a lease, talk to the landlord to see if you are allowed to paint or redecorate. Some landlords are happy to pay for materials that will add future rental value to their property, as long as the tenant is willing to put in the work. If you’re up for a DIY project, don’t be afraid to ask! Ready to assemble (RTA) cabinets are affordable for property owners, and come ready to assemble and easy for tenants to install – so it’s a win-win! Best of all, your child (and his or her roommates) will be gaining knowledge and important life skills in the process. Isn’t that what college is about, after all?

Add the finishing touches that make a college apartment feel like home.

small bathroom with blue walls, and colorful shower curtain.

While some college apartments come adequately furnished, most do not. After giving the apartment a deep clean, shop local consignment/resale shops, and stores that sell inexpensive or discounted home goods, to fill the space. Then add the finishing touches with décor, such as new bedding, throw pillows and blankets, area rugs, framed posters, curtains or shades, plus a nice shower curtain and fresh towels. And don’t forget a family photo, too!

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