Serene and Sophisticated Ideas for Your Master Bedroom

Serene and Sophisticated: Ideas for Your Master Bedroom

At the end of the day, there is nothing better than walking into your master bedroom, breathing in and having that moment of complete serenity. A day well done deserves a serene and sophisticated master bedroom… followed with waking up in a room that instantly puts a smile on your face. Did we just hear you “ahhhh?” We thought so.

Your master bedroom should be your sanctuary – your most favorite space in your home. This is the one place you can count on, that will always let you completely and absolutely be yourself. Enjoy luxurious linens, soft lighting and classic, neutral colors. Dream a little dream with five of our favorite serene and sophisticated master bedroom ideas.

Luxury Sheets
Depending on your lifestyle, budget and what feels good to you, choosing the best sheets for your master bedroom could be one of the most important decisions you make. From materials like silk, sateen and cotton-percale to thread count, weave and more, the bed sheets you buy are the bed sheets you’ll sleep in eight hours a night, 365 nights a year. So, when you’re looking to create a serene setting in your bedroom, remember that high-quality sheets mean high-quality sleep.

Soothing Hues
If you want your master bedroom to be your escape—your refuge from the rest of the world—peaceful, serene and soothing hues will calm you inside and out. From the shades of your walls and drapes, to the color of your sheets, pillows and furniture, neutral tones emit tranquil feels. A serene and sophisticated bedroom isn’t flashy or dramatic, but that doesn’t mean it has to be boring or cookie-cutter, either. They’re simply-stated expressions of your personality. A pop of color here and there will really set the tone for your master bedroom.

Soft Mood Lighting
Something as simple as adding a little soft mood lighting to your master bedroom can give you the feel of a sophisticated, boutique hotel. Whether you’re thinking serene and sophisticated, or romantic mood lighting, think of your personality and needs when you’re shopping for the perfect lights. From sparkling chandeliers, hanging lanterns, fairy lights and contemporary matching lamps, to star lights, industrial chic soft lighting, or faux candlelight glow, there are countless options out there to give your master bedroom the sophistication and ambiance you desire.

Black and White
Create timeless sophistication and decorate your master bedroom in full-on black and white. From floor to ceiling, furniture, sheets and accent pieces, black and white are versatile colors that not only make a statement, but they also have a serene and sophisticated, crisp look that’s sure to please. Sticking with a very simple black-and-white theme says so much without saying anything.

Whether you’re on a budget or you already like your master bedroom and just want to give it a spruce, sometimes all you need to do is add a few accent pieces that will truly make your room stand out and invite you in with cozy arms. From changing the colors on your furniture hardware to adding a new headboard or a sophisticated area rug, transforming your master bedroom into the room of your dreams may just be an accent piece away.