​Save Money, Dine Out Less: 5 Ways Tupperware Can Help Your Wallet and Dress Size

You may remember the avocado green Tupperware in your grandparent’s kitchen. Or maybe your mom threw a party to sell the colorful containers to her friends. Since its 1948 debut, Tupperware has been filling the fridges and cabinets of American homes. These air-tight plastic containers are not only helpful for storing food, but are also great for your budget and waistline. How you ask? Here are five ways Tupperware can help you save money and stay trim:
#1. Easy portion control
If you’re watching your waistline, Tupperware can help keep portion sizes in check. Look up the recommended serving size for the foods you plan to eat and measure them out into the appropriate size Tupperware container. When you’ve eaten all that’s in the container, you’ll know you’ve stuck to the correct portion size. Measuring out your food may also stretch a dish a little further, which will save you money in the long run. Going out to eat? Divide your food in half as soon as you get it. Eat half at the restaurant and take the other half home and store it in Tupperware to eat for lunch or dinner the next day.

#2. It’s portable
Taking your lunch to work can help you save big bucks in the long run and help you eat healthier. In the TIME article, “How to Save $2,500 a Year on Lunch,” taking your lunch every day is estimated to cut costs by 80 percent! Don’t forget the calories you’ll be saving since you’re more likely to eat healthier when you’re the one making your food. Let’s not forget Tupperware will also keep your sandwich from getting flattened with its protective plastic exterior.
#3. Streamlined food storage
Tupperware can bring order to the war-zone that is your fridge and pantry. How? Prep foods for weekly meals in advance and store them in color-coded Tupperware containers in the fridge until you need them (for example: Monday is blue, Tuesday is green, etc.). Also, give leftovers their own color, so they don’t get lost in the fridge and go to waste. Preparing foods in advance may save you from ordering pizza on a super busy night!
Opt for clear Tupperware containers for the pantry, and store crackers, cereal, dry beans, rice, and pasta in them to cut down on boxes and save space. Knowing what’s in your fridge and pantry cuts down on food waste, saving you money!

#4. It’s freezer-friendly
Want another reason to love these colorful containers? They’re safe to put in the freezer! So how does this help your wallet and dress size? Prepping a few freezer-friendly meals ahead of time and storing them in Tupperware in the freezer is a lifesaver on busy nights. It’ll save you money and calories by keeping you out of the drive-thru line.
#5. Keeps food fresh
Nothing’s more frustrating than reaching into the fridge to grab food, only to find out that’s it’s no good. Wasting food is like throwing money in the trash. Food stays fresher (and out of the trashcan) in Tupperware’s airtight containers.