The Beginner’s Guide To Styling A Country Kitchen

If you’ve got your eye on a county kitchen, we’ve got the guide for you! Styling a kitchen doesn’t take a degree in design or a fancy portfolio. First-timers can fair just fine! From choosing kitchen cabinets to adding the finishing touches, here is everything you need to know to create a warm and welcoming country kitchen in your home.

Choose traditional style kitchen cabinets with a natural finish.

The Beginner’s Guide To Styling A Country Kitchen
When picking out cabinets for your country kitchen, look for a traditional style. Cabinets with raised or decorative panels are a good fit, because they give the room some added charm and character. For color, look for a natural wood finish like our Cathedral Oak ready to assemble cabinets. Other good color choices with country charm include Glazed Praline, Rustic Hickory, and Cathedral Honey. Quality is also an important factor since country kitchens are designed to be used, not just adored. Choose cabinets made of wood, which is long lasting and durable.

Go with classic appliances that flash to the past.

Retro elements give an ode to a simpler time in life and visually emphasize your country theme. A wide-basin, farmhouse sink is a great place to start. Porcelain is the most classic choice, but you will also find this style in stainless steel. For refrigerators and small appliances, like mixers and microwaves, look for brands that offer colors for a pop of vintage flair.

Pick paint colors that get things glowing.

There are a lot of colors that can complement a country kitchen, but to create that warm, cozy effect, go with a pale shade of blue or yellow. These hues will wrap visitors in and make them feel at home. If color isn’t your cup of tea, choosing white walls for your country kitchen works too. Just avoid stark white and go with a creamy off-white or oatmeal. Put your color’s best face forward by also adding natural light to the room with large, open windows.

Incorporate inviting elements.

The foundation of a country kitchen is its casual comfort. Make it known that the room is open and accessible to all by incorporating inviting elements. One of our favorite ways to achieve a “what’s mine is yours” mentality is with a dash of open shelving. Guests are able to see where glasses and plates are displayed to help themselves. In other words, my house is your house, so come on in!

Add accents that set your theme in motion.

The Beginner’s Guide To Styling A Country KitchenEven a beginner design enthusiast should know that a country kitchen is not complete without the right decorations. Depending on the type of country kitchen you are creating, there a few routes you can take. For a chic, subtle style go with minimal decorations like hanging pots and pans on a rack, or using tin bins for storage. To achieve a more rustic, farmhouse ambiance use colorful prints and patterns for drapery and tablecloths. Framed paintings on the walls, pottery, and quirky farm figurines can be incorporated moderately to solidify the homey vibe within your kitchen.
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