The 5 Best Apples For Baking

Autumn apples are great for snacking, preserving, and baking — but some are more suited for baking than others. When it comes to apple pies, tarts, cobblers, and crisps, you will probably want to skip the ever-popular Gala, McIntosh, and Golden Delicious varieties. Tender, sweet,  and naturally juicy, these are better left for homemade applesauce or eating raw. Instead, here are the five best apples for baking this holiday season.

1.Fugi: Fuji apples have a firm texture that holds its shape well when baked. They are also good for a healthy afternoon snack, making them one of the most popular apple varieties. Fuji apples are on the juicier side, so add some extra cornstarch or flour to thicken your syrup when baking to avoid a soggy bottom.

Apple Pie2. Granny Smith: Some apples can be over-the-top sweet when used in a pie or crisp. Next time, opt for dependable Granny Smith apples instead. These bright green beauties are naturally tart, and they strike the perfect balance in an old-fashioned apple pie with granulated sugar, plus a dash of ground cinnamon, nutmeg, and cloves from your spice rack!

3. Honeycrisp: Sturdy and slightly sweet, Honeycrisp apples are practically perfect in every way and have grown immensely popular over the past few years. You may even have a few sitting on the kitchen island countertop right now! Whether enjoyed fresh or baked in a pie, Honeycrisp apples have a delightful aroma, a nice crunch, and a deliciously mild flavor.

4. Braeburn: An autumn favorite, Braeburn apples are the perfect blend of sweet and tart. You may even taste hints of cinnamon and nutmeg like your favorite spiced cider! In addition to its tangy flavor, this all-purpose apple is naturally crisp and can hold its own in a pie or tart without being overly wet and runny.

apple muffins5. Jonathan: Exceptionally juicy and somewhat less dense than the other varieties on this list, Jonathan apples are ideal for freshly baked crisps and cobblers. They also add moisture and natural sweetness to apple muffins, bread puddings, and cakes, or mix them with firmer varieties in an apple pie.

Dream kitchens should smell like freshly baked apple pie cooling on the kitchen island and other scrumptious holiday desserts! This autumn, fill the woven baskets in your kitchen cabinets with freshly picked apples for baking. And don’t forget to shop our Veterans Day Sale, November 6th through November 13th, 2020! What type of apple is your favorite?


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