Summer Backyard Bash

How To Kick Off Summer With A Memorable Backyard Bash

The weather is warming up and the season for fun in the sun is almost here! What better way to kick of summer than with a memorable backyard bash? Stock your bar cabinets because it’s time to party!


Scroll down for everything you’ll need to ensure your summer kickoff party is one people will still be talking about on the 4th of July. From what supplies to store in your outdoor kitchen cabinets to what to wear, we’re covering it all.


Summer Party Invitation1. Start planning a few weeks in advance.   


Benjamin Franklin famously said, “By failing to prepare, you are preparing to fail.” If you want to have the best party ever this summer, you need to start planning now! Create a preliminary checklist that covers all of your basics. You’ll want to secure a date and time, make a guest list, decide on a menu (or if you want to make it a potluck), and send out invitations or make your calls.


If you need to rent any equipment, hire any help, or have any food catered that should also be done a few weeks in advance.


2. Get your decorations and RSVPs sorted out at least a week before your bash.


If it’s a week before your party and you’re still waiting on RSVPs, now would be a good time to follow up with friends. Try to get a good estimate of the exact number of attendees you’ll have. This will eliminate any day-of stress that can come with not having enough food or seats for your guests.


Now is also a good time to organize or purchase any decorations you’ll need. If you’re buying or renting chairs and tables, you should pick those up in advance. Linen tablecloths and simple floral centerpieces are perfect for a casual, outdoor party. Border the area with balloons or banners, and add some fun extras like a piñata or some pool floats. Don’t forget umbrellas or a canopy for shade!


If your party is going to be in the evening, don’t forget about lighting. Lanterns, string lights, and candles can all help keep the area illuminated after the sun goes down.


3. A few days prior to the party, clean things up and get your food and drinks ready.


Don’t wait until the day-of to start cleaning or do your food shopping. Clean the grill a few days before; make sure your bar cabinets are fully stocked; that you have ice, plastic plates and utensils, napkins, lighters, and any other odds and ends.


Finalize your food-shopping list and get to work. Keep what you can in your outdoor kitchen cabinets. It will make entertaining your guests a lot easier if everything you need is easily accessible outside.


Summer Party4. Don’t forget about the foundation of the party — the host!


It’s easy to get caught up in planning the festivities and forget about yourself. A happy host makes for happy guests; so don’t forget to take a few minutes for yourself before your guests arrive. Pick out the outfit you’re going to wear (something cool and comfortable), make sure your phone is fully charged (and your charger is not far from reach), and that you have applied plenty of sunscreen.


5. Have the cleanup crew armed and ready.


Make sure you have plenty of garbage bags and that your recycling bins are empty before the big day. You should also have a chat with your co-hosts beforehand (even if they are kids) and let them know that they are all part of the cleanup crew once your guests go home for the night. After a long day entertaining, the last thing you’ll want is for clean up duty to land on you alone.  



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