7 Tips For Decorating Around A Television

Most homeowners will say big screens are better, but that big black box is doing nothing for the aesthetics in the room. Can you relate? Your television doesn’t have to be an eyesore within your perfect TV room design. There are plenty of ways to make this must-have piece of technology seem much more stylish than it actually is. How do you do it? By choosing cabinets that complement your home and by incorporating decorative storage solutions — to name a few ways. Keep reading to find out more tips for decorating around a television.

  1. Don’t hang your television alone on a wall.

If your TV is the only thing on the wall, no wonder it stands out like a sore thumb. Whether you install some TV room cabinetry or a few open shelves, fill in the wall so your television doesn’t stand alone.

  1. Balance the black with other dark elements.

When choosing cabinets, consider a dark finish, like Espresso or Teaberry, to camouflage your television. If you prefer an entertainment center in a lighter finish, then use décor such as picture frames, vases, and furniture to offset the stark contrast. The goal is to distribute the color of your television around the room so it doesn’t grab all of the attention. You don’t want your TV to be the only dark feature in the room. If your living room furniture and décor are on the lighter side, find ways to incorporate more dark pieces so that your TV doesn’t stand out as much.

  1. Repeat the shape of your big screen.

RTA2-Legacy Teaberry

Another way to make your television less eye-catching is by adding a mirror or piece of art in a similar shape to the wall. When your television isn’t the only large rectangle in the room it blends in more seamlessly.

  1. Let open storage solutions add some character.

Rather than box away your books and board games, use those items to add character to your space. By making the room feel more lived in, you lessen the shock of a television in the center of your lovely living room design.

  1. Install your television above your fireplace.

Living room with cozy fireplace and leather couch

In some living rooms, you may find a fireplace on one wall and television on the other. If you have a fireplace in your living room but want a television as well, why not install your TV above your fireplace? This creates a more cohesive look and will help your TV meld into room’s design.

  1. Use a picture frame to create more cohesion.

Since today’s televisions are flat, you can use a DIY picture frame to create a border around its edges. Doing this can help your television fit in with the theme of your living room and it also adds a little flair to its functionality.

  1. Keep your TV behind closed doors.

If you’d rather your television be out of sight when not in use, consider keeping it tucked away behind closed doors. Whether a custom addition to your wall or part of your TV room cabinetry, this approach allows you to maintain the room’s style without sacrificing your favorite shows.

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