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5 Ways to Make Your Rental Feel More Like Home

Renting is a basic part of our lives. For some, it symbolizes an independent self-start. For others, it’s a temporary situation to save up for home ownership, or a long-term solution to simplify the cost of living. But let’s face it. No matter what your reason, living in a rental property can feel bland and generic, so it’s only natural to dream of a homier, more comfortable space that expresses your own unique style. Reinvent your space in these five easy ways to help make your rental feel and look more like a home!


-Solid Black Granite Top Kitchen Cart/Island - the RTA Store1. Cabinetry

If you plan on signing a long-term lease, talk to your landlord about making updates to your space, and see if he or she would be willing to chip in for materials if you do the labor yourself. RTA cabinets are an affordable and easy DIY option when sprucing up a kitchen. If your landlord is not on board, at least make simple upgrades that you can take with you, like new cabinet pulls, and table linens. You may even want to consider adding a portable island or cart to your kitchen. These cabinets to go are great for extra prep and storage, especially when space is limited.


2. Hardware

Little details can have a big impact. Make functional and stylish small upgrades by switching out your hardware with aesthetic and ergonomic replacements. This includes cabinet pulls and knobs on your kitchen and bathroom cabinetry. Take things a step further by swapping out your shower rod, bath hardware, and doorknobs for a completed look. Then personalize your space with accessories like a new shower curtain, and area rugs.


Bronze Knobs and Pulls in the Kitchen3. Window Treatments

Bare windows are bad news, unless you like a plain and unwelcoming space. Use a pop of color to create dimension and privacy with window curtains, blinds, or shutters. Check with your landlord if you wish to replace or add to existing window treatments. When hanging curtain rods, place them as close to the ceiling as possible. This trick for the eyes makes ceilings appear higher and walls larger than they really are – which is the perfect fix for rentals!


4. Paint

Although painting may seem like a big commitment, it’s really worth the payoff. Be sure to ask your landlord before investing in colors and tools to do the job. Choose the right color scheme that you love, and that flows with your furniture and décor. Or simply paint an accent wall for a pop of contrast. Then hit the baseboards and doorframes with a fresh coat of white to make everything clean and crisp. If your landlord is opposed to painting over vanilla walls, take out those brushes anyway and create a painting on canvas with your favorite color combinations instead. That way you aren’t changing the walls, and can take your masterpiece with you wherever you move to next!


Accent Wall and Lighting in Living Room5. Lighting

Lighting is everything. It defines the theme of the room in both daytime and night. It can be anything from a lamp to a hanging fixture that you can take with you when you leave. The great thing about lights is that they can accentuate any room, and provide character as well as comfort. Light up the living room and bedrooms with floor and table lamps, and highlight the kitchen with stick on lighting under cabinetry. The possibilities are endless!


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