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Kitchen Remodeling For Renters

If you’re a long-time renter, your landlord may be all for you helping out with renovations. “You want to order some discount kitchen cabinets online? You’re a pro at DIY kitchen cabinets? Sounds great — go right ahead!”


But for many renters, that enthusiasm is replaced with annoyance, and the landlord is not supportive of a renter making changes to their property. If you’re very limited to the updates you’re able to make as a renter, all hope is not lost! Here, we’ll share some (typically) landlord-approved updates that can help you personalize the place you call home.


1. Swap out the hardware.


The next best thing to new ready to assemble kitchen cabinets is new hardware. Removing and installing hardware is easy. Just be sure to save the old knobs and pulls to give back to your landlord or replace when you move out.


Cambridge Natural Wood Top Kitchen Island - The RTA Store2. Invest in a portable kitchen cart or island.


A portable kitchen cart is a great investment for a renter because it requires no installation and you can just pack it up when you move out. Some of the styles are so elaborate that it’s hard to tell they aren’t permanent pieces. Use your portable cart or island as a bar, breakfast station, or as extra countertop space for food prep, and entertaining.


3. Hang a mirror on a kitchen wall.


You may already be familiar with the magic of mirrors. From helping to spread light to making a room feel larger, they might be the smallest addition that makes the biggest impact. If you have a blank wall in the kitchen, try hanging up a mirror. Not only will it brighten the room and create the illusion of more space, it will also make a statement that most décor will not be able to achieve alone.


4. Enhance the cabinets you have with organizers.


Freeing up space in your cabinets, drawers and pantry can make a huge difference. You’ll feel refreshed when you open up a door and find your serving trays neatly organized or are able to quickly find that spice you were looking for. Storage accessories are also a wonderful way to make your kitchen feel less cluttered and cramped, especially if your rental has a smaller than ideal kitchen.


Potted Herbs in a Kitchen Window5. Turn a window into your very own wonderland.


If you’re lucky enough to have a window in your rental kitchen, it helps to personalize it to your taste. The window is a source of natural light, and is typically right above the kitchen sink, making it a hot spot in the room. From hanging new curtains to turning your window sill into an herb garden, there are plenty of ways to perk up your kitchen at the window alone.


And don’t forget, sometimes it helps to just ask!


You can’t get what you want if you don’t ask, so don’t assume your landlord is against renovating the kitchen if you’ve never discussed it with him or her. Why not send your landlord the link to the amazing ready to assemble kitchen cabinets you found online. Your landlord may be willing to share the cost with you, especially if they were unaware of how much more affordable ready to assemble kitchen cabinets are compared to other options. 


Chances are, if you think the kitchen can use some updating, your landlord might be feeling the same way.



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