Rustic Burlap Kitchen Curtains

5 DIY Kitchen Window Treatment Ideas

Window treatments are a wonderful addition to any kitchen. They bring function in the form of shade and privacy, plus patterns, colors and textures that add style and decor. Accent that backsplash tile you love or create a treatment that complements the DIY kitchen cabinets you assembled yourself. Putting together a window treatment is easy and enhances your kitchen! Be inspired by these five themes.


1. Rustic Chic

You have that dreamy farmhouse sink and corner kitchen table bench. Now all you need is a window treatment to complete your rustic design. A few of our favorite details include:


  • A wooden valance
  • Natural curtains made of drop cloth, canvas or burlap (you can even utilize coffee sacks if you can get your hands on them)
  • A DIY sign with a welcoming message hung above the window


2. Country Charm

Black and White Gingham ValanceIn a country themed kitchen, a kitchen sink window treatment can really brighten up the room and up the charm factor. Incorporate these ideas into your project:


  • Line mason jars along the window sill, decorated with twine or lace and filled with fresh flowers
  • Repurpose exterior shutters for an authentic farm style treatment
  • Make curtains out of a fun checkered tablecloth (or test out your embroidery skills)


3. Sleek and Modern

In a modern kitchen theme, less is more. Maintain a minimalistic look with these sleek and simple window treatment ideas:


  • Install sliding screens in the same color as your backsplash tile and kitchen cabinets to create a monotone color scheme over one wall or the entire kitchen
  • Increase the natural light in the room by using rice paper or bamboo shades to achieve some privacy without losing that essential light (natural textures are also more pleasing in a modern or contemporary theme than bulky fabric drapes or synthetic blinds)


4. Traditional

If your home has a traditional kitchen, there are really so many ways you can get creative with your window treatments. Try these easy and affordable DIY ideas:


  • Drapery panels can be expensive, so make your own using flat sheets instead (either repurposed from your own linen closet or purchased on sale)
  • Use a stencil to add a pattern to a plain window curtain (sometimes just sprucing up your current window treatment can do the trick)
  • Try window films which utilize stickers in different sizes and shapes to create interesting designs on your window (this creates a “fence”-like shield between you and the outdoors if you don’t want to cover up your windows completely)


5. Old World Flair

Colorful Glass MosaicTo carry the European influence of an Old World kitchen theme to your window treatments, there are a few ways you can go. Your pre-assembled DIY kitchen cabinets are likely a rich, dark color with ornate details, and you’ll want your window treatments to be dark and detailed as well. Here are a few popular Old World styles that you can try to recreate:


  • Dye your curtain panels to get the perfect dark shade you desire (RIT dyes work well and are relatively easy to use)
  • Use glass, glue, and grout to create a beautiful, colorful mosaic
  • Make your own Roman shades using fabric or a vintage tablecloth



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