If you clean your backsplash as soon as you notice a splash, you already make a big difference.

How to Clean Your Tile Kitchen Backsplash

We might not think about it, but our kitchen walls pick up a lot of the grime and grease that comes through our kitchens every day. You might see the more obvious splatters that appear behind the stove, but the backsplash grout around other parts of the kitchen isn't escaping it. But don't worry — knowing that this problem exists already gets you halfway to a clean backsplash, because the actual cleaning is very simple.

Of course, cleaning as you go is one of the more effective methods. Much of what latches onto our backsplashes is grease, which can stain and become harder to remove with time. If you clean right after you cook or as soon as you notice a splash, you already make a big difference. Otherwise, periodically cleaning is perfectly fine.

So what's the best cleaning method? It's actually pretty basic. You need warm water to help loosen up the grease and a sponge of soapy water to wipe everything away. If you have some really tough spots, it might be time to whip out the baking soda and/or vinegar. Then simply wipe up the backsplash with a clean and dry dish towel.

Since these are such basic and harmless cleaning solutions, you can use them on the surrounding counters and kitchen cabinets, as well!


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