Woman Savoring Coffee in the Kitchen

How To Create a Cool Kitchen Cart Coffee Station At Home

Portable kitchen islands and carts are the ultimate cabinets to go. Thanks to their compact size and sturdy wheels, you can move them just about anywhere in the home, if needed. But they are also super handy when used as intended — in the kitchen. Extra prep and storage space is a given, but why not get creative and use your kitchen cart to create a cool coffee station at home? No need to hop in the car and shell out big bucks for a cup of Joe when you can be a barista in your own kitchen! We’ll show you how.


Solid Black Granite Top Kitchen Cart/Island - The RTA StoreBefore you begin, you will need to have a portable kitchen islands or cart to house your coffee station. Visit thertastore.com to browse our large selection.


Select A Special Space

Using a kitchen cart allows you to contain all your coffee-making essentials in one designated, special space. Start by deciding where you would like your coffee station to be set in your kitchen, with the idea that it will be stationary for daily use, and possibly rolled about when entertaining guests. Hang whimsical, coffee-themed art above your cart, an open shelf, or hooks for extra mugs. You can even add a chalkboard to jot down the day’s special brew, creative, caffeine-inspired doodles, and inspirational quotes. And don’t forget to include a small trashcan beside your kitchen cart.


Customize Your Cabinets

Fill your portable kitchen island cabinets with mugs, extra spoons or stirrers, beverage napkins, thermal coffee and creamer carafes, non-dairy or shelf-stable creamer, canisters of white and raw sugar, honey, stevia packets, and simple syrup, or agave nectar for iced coffee. Also keep filters, a coffee scoop, and varieties of ground coffee (or beans and a grinder) corralled in a basket behind closed cabinet doors. If you have a single cup coffee maker, set up a carousel or container to hold a variety of pods. For latte lovers, you can also keep flavored syrups, cinnamon, cocoa powder, and nutmeg.


Coffee Shop Metal Sign Open 24/7Create Your Coffee Counter

Add a decorative tray on the countertop of your cart to catch any drips and spills. Place your coffee maker to one side, and whatever accouterments you needs for the perfect cup of coffee on the other side. This includes a pretty jar of spoons or stirrers, a napkin holder, a sugar bowl, and anything else you might need from the cabinets below. Just keep in mind that your cart is portable. When entertaining, make sure everything is sturdy and secure in your cabinets to go by using bins and baskets to house those loose, like-items.


Nothing starts your day quite like a good cup of coffee. But having portable kitchen island cabinets designated just for your Java can make your morning (and afternoon, and evening) even more enjoyable. So go ahead, pour another mug, and savor your cool kitchen coffee station.



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