Top Tips for Keeping Your Cabinets Looking Brand New

7 Tips for Making Spring Cleaning Less Of A Chore

Let’s face it. No one enjoys scrubbing stuck on food off of cabinetry doors or vacuuming never-ending dog hair from the carpet. But we all love the feeling of having a fresh, clean home —especially in the springtime. The occasional deep cleaning helps to maintain a neat and heathy environment for you and your family, so why not make it fun? Or at least as fun as it can be!

Turning chores into less of a hassle and more of an enjoyable activity will make the job go faster and seem slightly less draining. Whether you’re simply trying to tidy up your open concept kitchen or planning to clean your home ceiling to floor for spring, try these tips to spice up your routine and make the job a little less dreadful.

1. Treat yourself to some new décor.

Nothing will spark your motivation for cleaning more than the excitement of getting to display your new decorative pieces. Pick up those fluffy hand towels you’ve had your eye on and while you’re at it give your open concept kitchen a good clean! You wouldn’t want your brand new towels touching sticky oven doors, would you? You’ll feel even more accomplished after your cleaning session if you’ve got some fun new decor to give your home an even fresher look.

2. Upgrade your cleaning products.

baking soda

While you’re out, you might as well grab some new cleansers and cleaning supplies. Trying out new products will add a little more excitement to your cleaning routine. You’ll be so curious to test if your new bathroom cleaner is worth the hype, you wont even notice you’re scrubbing a toilet bowl. Better yet, make your own DIY cleaners with natural ingredients and refreshing scents!

3. De-clutter first, clean second.

Tackling a deep clean of your whole home can be extremely stressful, especially if you plan to clean your whole house in one session. A few days before, do a purge of all of the clutter that’s accumulated over time to make the job easier. Get rid of discarded toiletries in your bathroom cabinets and donate unwanted food from your pantry. This will provide you with a semi-clean slate and will keep the job from becoming too overwhelming at once.

4. Turn spring cleaning into a dance party.

Nothing makes the time fly faster than good music. Whether you’re partying solo or with your partner, cranking up the tunes is a surefire way to make cleaning less of a chore and more of a party. Try the Electric Slide with a broom in your hand and turn sweeping into a cleaning disco.

5. Let the family join in.

Cleaning taskforce - woman with kids tidy up

If you’ve got kids, turn cleaning into a game and have an organization contest. Whoever can tidy their designated area quicker and better wins! Or play the color game to help clean up bedrooms filled with toys. Call out a color and have them pick up anything out of place that fits the color until the room is clean.

6. Turn it into a workout.

Sure, reaching to wipe down walls and kneeling to scrub grimy bathroom cabinets is already a workout, but try adding some more movements to turn your cleaning into the ultimate full body routine. Thinking of cleaning as less of a chore and more of a workout seems like a better use of your time, and you’ll dread it a little less if you feel like you’re killing two birds with one stone.

7. Open a window.

If you still cringe at the thought of spring cleaning, open a window to let some fresh air in. Airing out a home is one the quickest and easiest ways to make your home feel fresher. It will put you in a good mood and motivate your cleaning journey. Never underestimate the power of fresh air.

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