The 7 Benefits Of Acrylic Solid Surface Countertops

When it comes to countertops, there are many options out there, and it can be difficult to decide which material is the right choice for your home. Take granite, for example. These countertops have been around for decades and are still as popular as ever. A solid choice, granite is known for its natural beauty and unique patterns — no two stones are exactly alike. On the other hand, quartz and quartzite countertops have been gaining momentum over the past few years. Like granite, quartzite is a natural material. It’s a great option for homeowners who like the look of marble but want something a bit more durable. With quartz, you get the appealing features of natural stone with a more uniform design. A mix of natural and engineered stone, quartz is also extremely durable.

But what about acrylic solid surface countertops? You may have heard the term before while scrolling through home magazines or watching design shows in your TV room. These countertops are 100% man made and offer some unique benefits that can’t be beat. Want to learn more about why acrylic solid surface countertops might be the right choice for your home, and where you can find them? Read on!

3-19-19 RTA2-Pangea Acrylic Countertop

  1. Acrylic solid surface countertops offer a nonporous surface. That means bacteria, mold, and stains cannot penetrate the surface!
  1. Acrylic solid surface countertops are easy to clean and low maintenance.
  1. Repairable and renewable, minor scratches can be buffed out of acrylic solid surface countertops.

3-19-19 RTA3-Formosa Acrylic Countertop

  1. Acrylic solid surface countertops have a smooth surface that is warm to the touch.
  1. Acrylic solid surface is the only material that can include an integrated sink, creating a seamless appearance.
  1. Acrylic solid surface countertops have a consistent design throughout, and can give a cohesive, uniform look to open concept kitchens.
  1. Just like DIY kitchen cabinets, acrylic solid surface countertops are an economical choice for homeowners on a budget.Countertops are an essential part of remodeling your new space, so we make it easy to purchase both your cabinets and countertops at the lowest price possible, all from the comfort of your home! You’ll find a great selection of acrylic solid surface countertops at The RTA Store, along with options in granite, quartz, and quartzite. Best of all, all of our countertops come professionally installed by your local countertop fabricator. Click here to browse our inventory and let us help you design the magazine-quality kitchen of your dreams!At The RTA Store we help make your dream home a reality with RTA (Ready To Assemble) and Pre-Assembled cabinets and accessories. Whether it’s your kitchen bathroom, laundry room, home office, bar room or TV room, we offer the same (if not better) quality you would find at any retail store, but for a fraction of the price. Stop by our website or give us a call and let us make your dreams come true with the help of our free room design tool!