Top Tips for Keeping Your Cabinets Looking Brand New

Top Tips for Keeping Your Cabinets Looking Brand New

Top Tips for Keeping Your Cabinets Looking Brand New

We all love the crisp, clean look of new kitchen cabinets. However, as daily wear and tear takes its toll, they can become a bit unsightly and negatively impact the look and feel of your entire kitchen over time.

But it doesn’t have to be that way! If you want to keep your cabinets looking brand new well beyond their initial debut in your home, there are simple steps you can take to help them maintain their beautiful luster -even amid all the grease and inevitable food spills.

Minimize Moisture

Too much moisture can erode kitchen cabinets, especially those made of wood and with wood finishes. Because of this, when cleaning your cabinets, it’s safest to apply a combination of warm water and a mild cleaning product using a soft cloth or sponge (see recommended cleaners in the next section). Then rinse the cabinet with clear water using a different clean cloth and quickly dry it with a dry, soft cloth.

Since long exposure to water can damage the finish of your cabinets and potentially leave stains, you’ll want to avoid hanging wet dishcloths or towels over cabinets or cabinet doors.

Use Gentle Cleaning Products

Use natural products that won’t scratch the finish on your cabinets or leave any residue. A mild, grease-cutting dish soap makes an ideal cabinet cleaner when combined with warm water. Vinegar is another natural cleaner that’s safe to use on cabinets. After using a vinegar/water solution to clean, rinse with clear water to remove any vinegar residue and then dry (as described in the above section).

If you’re going to be using a commercial cleaning product, buy one that’s made specifically for wood cabinets. Avoid using any products that contain ammonia and abrasive cleaners (such as powdered ones).

The best cloths for cleaning cabinets are soft, lint-free ones. Soft cottons like cheesecloth and old t-shirts are great options. Avoid using a dishcloth or a dish sponge because they may carry residue from greasy food or harsh cleaning chemicals that can damage the surface of your cabinets.

Daily Care

If you want your cabinets to look as good as new for years to come, it’s critical to take care of them on a daily basis. Clean up any spills, splatters or water spots with a soft cloth as soon as they occur. The sooner you take care of them, the less chance they’ll end up leaving a stain or discoloring your cabinets.

Cabinet Tops

While the tops of cabinets don’t need nearly as much cleaning or maintenance as the rest of your cabinets, you don’t want to neglect them completely. The tops collect loads of dust and, if the dust is left to accumulate for too long, it will mix with the grease and oil in the air. This results in a sticky, difficult to remove build-up that will have you pulling your hair out.

To avoid this disaster, simply clean the tops of the cabinets on a regular basis so the dust, grease and oil don’t have a chance to meet and create a mess.

By following these easy tips for cleaning your kitchen cabinets, you’ll be able to maintain their “good as new” appearance for many years. And by incorporating the care of your cabinets into your regular routine, you’ll make your life a whole lot easier by never having to spend hours cleaning grease, caked-on food and spills and dust that was left to pile up.