How To Design A Sunny Kitchen With Summer Style

Some kitchen trends come and go but some are always in style. A bright, airy design is one classic kitchen trend that’s popularity is here to stay. With these tips, we’ll show you how to design a sunny kitchen inspired by a bright, summer day. Imagine walking outside on the first day of the year when the weather drops and being greeted by a splash of sunshine. We’re going to bottle up that feeling and turn it into the theme for your kitchen remodel. If you want to add some warm season style to the heart of your home, follow this how-to and let’s start designing.

Super sunny or mellow yellow… The choice is yours!

girl with a roller in her hand chooses a color for painting in the room

It helps to have a color palette in mind before embarking on a kitchen remodel. Everything from the flooring and solid wood cabinetry to the appliances and kitchen hood will be impacted by this decision! Since we already know your color of choice is yellow, let’s get a little more specific. You’ve likely seen kitchen trends that feature bright, bold colors. There are also plenty of beautiful, modern subdued color schemes. Which do you prefer? Build your color palette around the shade of yellow you love the most.

Opt for an Open Concept Kitchen.

Kitchens with three or four walls can feel incredibly closed in, even if there are windows. If possible, consider an open concept kitchen that combines your kitchen and the adjoining room together. Whether your dining room and kitchen become one or your living room and kitchen merge, you’ll have a more open space that is lighter and brighter.

Let the light shine in.

The more natural light you can bring into the kitchen the sunnier it will feel. Avoid covering windows with heavy curtains, plantation shutters or blinds. Instead, opt for airy 100% cotton curtains or a breezy sheer linen. These lightweight fabrics will provide just enough shade when necessary, while also letting the light shine in.

Celebrate summer with décor that delights.

7-3-18 RTA3-Phoenix Cream Glaze

To ensure your sunny kitchen has lots of summer style, create a vision board of your favorite seasonal things. If you’re crafty, use paint sample cards, fabric swatches, and magazine clippings to round up your inspiration. If you’re not so artistic, Pinterest is a great alternative to a physical vision board. Lacking ideas? Just make a list of all of your favorite summer things. Ice cream trucks, gingham prints, days at the lake, and blueberry pie — just to name a few of ours. You’ll be surprised how this list will spark your imagination and give you fresh foresight for your sunny kitchen design.

Add an indoor herb garden for a splash of green.

During summer months, everything is a little greener. Bring some of that earthiness indoors with an herb garden. Not only will this brighten up your kitchen but it will make all of your dishes a little more flavorful! Herbs that grow great indoors include basil, mint, cilantro, oregano and thyme. Choose a few of your favorites, and line them up on your windowsill in colorful pots that compliment your solid wood cabinetry.

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